Riedel Wine Glasses Help Make a Gathering Worth It

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1 riedel wine glassesWhen you host a fun and happy gathering, you need to make sure you’re up to the task. It’s really important to have the right glassware to wow your guests, as well as other dining essentials. The right tablecloth, lighting, and dishes are also important. It’s just always good to have these things in mind when you’re hosting. But to me, the glassware is what people notice.

When I use Riedel wine glasses, people actually remark on how gorgeous they are. I can also tell that the drinks I pour in them just taste better, too. When something looks nice, it really does add to the flavor. Any chef will tell you that, and it works for drinks, too. So whenever I have guests over, I always make sure my Riedel wine glasses are clean and ready for them.

As long as I’m a good host, the get-togethers I put together are always worth it. I make sure everything’s ready before any of my guests arrive. That way, there are never any bumps in the road. The gathering goes smoothly, and is always lots of fun. And when I pass around the Riedel wine glasses, everyone always takes a drink. My guests are just wowed by their beauty, I’d imagine.

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Messermeister San Moritz Elite Left-Handed Bread Knife 9″

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Messermeister-San-Moritz-Elite-9-Inch-Left-Handed-Bread-Knife-0-300x300Something you might find in Ned Flanders Leftorium, a left-handed bread knife for that pers on in the kitchen that is right handy. We left handers sometimes feel we are thrown out of the picture when it comes to tools and other hand devices and we have to adjust our movements and grips to accommodate that device, no more with this knife.
From Solingen, Germany a single piece fully forged and hand polished bread knife that has the scallops or the front side rather than the rear that makes slicing through crusty breads very smooth and gentle so you don’t put pressure on what you are slicing. Triple riveted handle that is bolsterless so the edge runs the entire length of the blade. Great also for tomatoes and other soft skin fruits and vegetables and remember Messermeister Kitchen Knives also makes the bulk of their knives by the piece and sets made for right-handed people too.

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Mauviel M’Passion 3.7 Quart Copper Sugar Sauce Pan

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Mauviel-Mpassion-219420-37-Quart-Copper-Sugar-Sauce-Pan-0-300x300If you know someone who is a confectionary cook or someone who does this for the love of it and gives most of their finished products to family and friends, here is a gift that would be ideal for them. From France the M’Passion sugar pan, solid copper, the metal that heats the fastest throughout the entire pan and cools down fast as well giving the cook a much better control over the cooking process.
Given the French have some of the best culinary schools and make some of the most extravagant deserts in the world, they use copper. Make sure your pan is completely clean before you start and if you are worried about crystals forming add vinegar or lemon juice for acidity and if crystals are forming on the inside of the pan use a clean wet brush to scape them back into the pan, and use a wooden spoon rather than metal when you are cooking. This is the largest of 3 sugar sauce pans from Mauviel Cookware choose according to your cooking volumes and don’t forget to check out their entire line of pieces, sets and collections while looking.


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Mac Knife Japanese Series Extra Heavy Deba Single Bevel Knife

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Mac-Knife-Japanese-Series-Extra-Heavy-Deba-Knife-7-12-Inch-0-300x300This would make a great gift for the person who does a lot of salt water fishing and cleans their own fish. The 7 1/2″ Deba, also called fish cleaver is one of the largest made specific for larger fish.
Made from Molybdenum high carbon steel for a razor-sharp edge that can retain its sharpness with a triple riveted Pakkawood handle with a heavier weight that makes chopping a breeze. With this type of knife you would chop the head and fins with bulk of the blade and use the tip for slicing and filleting the meat, a little different from a traditional knife with its single bevel but once you get used to it you will understand why this has been a kitchen staple knife in Japan. This Deba from Mac Knife is the largest and heaviest in their series of Japanese debas, they also have a 5″ and 6″ made for smaller fish that are found mostly in fresh water fishing.

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Le Creuset Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Multi-Pot Set

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Le-Creuset-Tri-Ply-Stainless-Steel-Multi-Pot-Steamer-Set-0-300x300If you are looking for a really nice wedding or housewarming present this would be the ideal gift. From Le Creuset a tri-ply 5.25 quart stockpot with multi holed insert for making pasta, blanching, steaming and  is compatible with all cooktops including induction.
Made with nonreactive stainless steel interior and exterior stainless steel that has an aluminum core for even heating throughout the pan. Steam corn on the cob rather than boiling all of the sweetness away, blanch asparagus for freezing, make pasta, reheat leftovers by steaming rather than nuking for flavor retention and when you would like to make a soup or stew you have the 5.25 quart stockpot that has the precision drip-free rims. Being single with a nonreactive Le Creuset Cookware stainless steel stockpot such as this and you have made yourself a stew or chili and you have leftovers, let the pan cool down and put it in the refrigerator and pull it out later and reheat, you have just saved yourself from washing extra dishes.

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My All Clad Cookware Is Beautiful, and Makes Beautiful and Tasty Food

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4 all clad cookwareMoving from one place to another can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end. Not to mention, whenever I move into a new house, I like getting rid of the old and welcoming in the new. That means I get rid of anything that looks like it’s about to croak. And with this recent move, it was my cookware. And it was a good thing, because I got a brand new cookware set that blows the previous one out of the water.

My new All Clad Cookware is durable, cooks well, and is overall beautiful to look at. It’s a stainless steel set that’s dishwasher safe and easy to use. So far, I’ve used the big skillet to make a delicious stir fry, and I’m very impressed. I actually cooked enough for two days, so I could enjoy my creation twice instead of just one time. That’s just how good it is.

As I settle into my new place, I’m just happy to have good food. When I use my All Clad cookware set, I get tasty meals every time. As I unpack boxes and get everything situated, it’s a really nice break from things. I can kick back every once in a while and enjoy something freshly cooked on my new cookware.

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Bob Kramer Stainless Damascus Steak Knives Set of 4

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Kramer-by-Zwilling-JA-Henckels-Bob-Kramer-Stainless-Damascus-Steak-Knives-by-Zwilling-JA-Henckels-34899-000-Set-of-4-0-300x300Just in time for the summer cookout season and Father’s Day the ultimate in streak knives. Designed by Bob Kramer the only Master Bladesmith that specializes in kitchen knives and made by J A Henckels, world renown German knife maker.
The blades are constructed from a core of VG2 supersteel that is wrapped in 100 layers of deep etched Damascus steel that is ice tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 63. Durable linen micarta handles and presented in a wooden gift box. These Kramer Knife steak knives will literally glide through steaks, no more sawing and chasing the meat all over your plate and if you already have a nice set of steak knives make sure you check out the entire line of Bob Kramer kitchen knives, they make an ultimate gift for anyone.

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Stratus Culinary Cascade 2 – PieceSantility & Detail Knife Set

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Stratus-Culinary-Cascade-2pc-Santility-Detail-Knife-Set-by-Ken-Onion-0-300x300Great gift for Father’s Day for the dad who likes to spend time in the kitchen or outside on the grill or smoker. The 2 piece set from world renown knife designer Ken Onion gives you a knife that is a combination of the 2 most go to knives in the kitchen as well as a newer design to the traditional paring knife.
Made from a high carbon stainless steel 420HC made here in the United States with an ergonomic blade and handle that makes cutting meats, chopping, mincing and cutting through poultry joints much easier and with a wide blade things are easier to scoop up. The detail knife with its ergonomic handle makes mincing, peeling and paring much easier on the hand as well. One of the most noticeable  things on a Ken Onion Knife is the shape of the handle that makes it a more of a safety grip and will give less hand fatigue making time-consuming tasks less fatiguing.

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Global Knives Help Me Prepare the Fish I Catch

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2 global knivesI like to go fishing, as my family lives near a nice large lake. And whenever I bring fish back, we always have a nice tasty dinner. I actually pride myself in my fish, as I prepare them and cook them exquisitely. Everyone always wants a taste of my filleted fish. I use the right seasonings to bring out the best flavors, and I have the best knives to make them look very pleasing to the eye.

When I fillet fish, I always use Global knives. They have a bunch of great knives that I’ve found really work for deboning and filleting fish. I always have an easier time making the whole meal come together when I use them to get the job done. I just think Global has a specialty, and it really shines when I make my fish dinners for my family.

So as long as we continue to live by this lake, I’m going to continue to prepare and cook up fish on a regular basis. Fish is really good for you, so I don’t see why not. And since I have the skills and the right knives, I can really make it happen whenever I get the urge. Once I prepare the fish with my Global knives, it truly is a tasty dish.

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I Use My Kitchen Knives Often

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3 kitchen knives setHaving the right supplies in the kitchen really opens up a lot of food opportunities. If you have the right knives, for example, you can cut things to perfection. Whether it’s turkey, fish, pork, or a huge slab of beef, having a variety of knives makes cutting foods an easy task. That way, you can have the right knife for the right situation.

That’s why I suggest having a kitchen knives set that includes a lot of different knives. Instead of getting all the knives individually, it’s easier to get them all in a convenient set. You can have longer knives, thicker knives, shorter knives, and even serrated knives. They each have a purpose in the kitchen, so they’re all important to have nearby.

What I like to use most often is actually the smallest knife in my set. It’s great for cutting fruit, and helping peel off the skin of apples. I just think I have a lot of control when I use it. But the bigger knives and the serrated are great too, especially for thick cuts of meat and even thick loaves of bread. It’s safe to say I use my kitchen knives often, and for good reason.

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