Steak Knife Seaon Is Here

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About a week ago I wrote about breaking out the grill as well as steak knives to cut up what is coming off of that grill, but what kind of steak knife do you use?  There are basically 3 edges to a steak knife, a straight edge, microserrated edge and a serrated edge (a serrated edge will usually stay sharper longer).

A couple of major factors for your steak knife are, they should look good at a table setting, have a good feel about them when using and most important use them at the dinnertable not cutting up cardboard or desteming your flowers.  Probably the most popular is the serrated blade because it can easily do most cutting jobs  especially steaks and chops, you want that blade to glide through the meat without sliding it around you plate and onto the table.  The Victorinox 6 piece Steak KnifeVN46799 Victorinox 6 Piece Steak Knife Set Set feature a microserrated blade with black POM handles for a sure and comfortable grip, check these and other steak knives from J A Heckels,Wusthof and other makers of quality kitchen cutlery.

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Try Your Hand At Slicing With A Yanagi Single Bevel

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Is there a time you think you may need to use a Yanagi knife in your homekitchen or even when you grill?  We’ll look at the Shun Yanagi and look into the question.

This knife features a single beveled blade with a core of VG10 for strength and hardness with it’s backside concaved to prevent sticking, this knife is usually used for Sushi or Sashimi for it’s delicate cut, but you can use these for other meat slicing jobs such as cutting pork loin chops from a full loin with a quick push then pull motion that will slide right through the thickest cuts.  When you push you have to put some pressure on the knife but when pulling just the weight of the blade is adequate and the cut is more precise without all that pressue applied.  Depending on the blade length of the Shun Japanese knifeShun-Classic-Pro-Yanagi1-574x574 you can butterfly your shrimp or chops for faster cooking on the girill and make sure you check out the complete line of all your kitchen knives from Shun.

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Another Great Knife For The Summer

No Comments 30 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Chefs Knife

While we are on the subject of great knives to use on your fresh summer vegetables and fruits you may want to take a look at this.  From Shun of Japan their classic Damacus steel Chef’s knife.

This knife features a blade made from a core of VG10 with 16layers of stainless steel each side finished with a traditional :D: Shaped Pakkawood handle.  This is a very lightweight knife mesaning less hand fatigue great for longer periods of time in the kitchen and somewhat similiar to the Santoku but usually with a longer blade and the edge has an arc or a “belly” for rocking while chopping with less tearing because of the thinner blade.  This Shun Damascus Steel  Chef’s KnifeShun-Classic-Chefs-Knife-574x574 is only one of a number of Chef;s knives  among a complete line of kitchen cutlery from one of the largest kitchen knife makers in the world.

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Santoku Knife For The Summer Vegetables

No Comments 29 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Japanese Kitchen Knives

Now that the farmer’s markets are opening up and we have access to fresh fruit and vegetables you may want to take a look at this for your cutting needs.  From the Swedish knife maker Fallkniven the “White Whale” Santoku.

This knife features a 7″ blade made from a core of VG10 that is laminated with stainless steel on each side giving it a 59 on the Rockwell hardness scale and the tang goes almost the entire width of the black thermorun handles for strength.  With the thinner more incredibly sharper blade you may find yourself putting less effort  and less tearing when you are  chopping, cutting or slicing vegetables and fruits .  This Santoku KnifeFN20Whit Whale Fallkniven Santoku is one of many  from the Fallkniven Knive makers, a true family owned company that makes it’s knives from real life experiences, you should check them out.


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Trying Your Hand With A Japanese Deba Knife

No Comments 28 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Japanese Kitchen Knives

If you are doing any fishing this summer you might want to try your hand with the Japanese Deba, which is usually for removing the fish head and filleting the fish because it can ride smoothly against the bones and slice away the meat almost effortlessly.  The Sakon  Molybdenum NT series is one of the finer makes and it can be used for a number of other tasks.

This knife features a wide single beveled with a concaved back so it will not stick to what it is cutting.  This can be used on meats that have smaller bones such as cutting up a chicken, cutting baby back ribs into portions, removing fat from meat as well as deboning meat.  This Sakon Japanese knifeSakon-NT-Deba takes just a little bit to get used to and if you are trying to pick up tips on using a Deba check out YouTube.

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The Perfect Knife For The Summer

No Comments 27 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Paring Knife

Possibly the most used knife in the kitchen without realizing it, we grab the paring knife because it’s usually the closest.  I would like to show you the Al Mar Ultra Chef 2 with it’s Damascus steel blade.

This knife features a  full tang blade withVG10 core that is wrapped in 16 layers of staqinless steel each side  then finshed with a triple riveted Cocobola ergonomic handle.  These knives are great this time of year for coring out a straqwberry, opening a bell pepper and slicing away the pith or even deveing a shrimp.  This Al Mar paring knifeAMUC2-574x574 makes the cutting, slicing or peeling much easier because of it’s incredible edge that doesn’t dull like most other knives and while you are looking check out the complete lineup of Al Mar for the kitchen.

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Fine Cutlery For Those Summertime Grilled Steaks

No Comments 26 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Steak Knives

Okay , it’s offical now, grilling season is on and if you like a steak on the grill you are going to make sure you have the right piece of equipment to cut it with.    Let’s take a look at Ontario Knife Company’s Viking steak knife to help with that task.

This knife features a serrated  Sandvik stainless steel blade (14C28N), one of the most durable blades that can hold an edge longer than most.     The ergonomic exotic Cocobola handles features  stainless steel triple rivets.  This is just one example of a steak knife6416-Ontario-Viking-Steak-Knives featured from Ontario Knives check out our gift sets from names like J A Henckel, Wusthof and other fine quailty knife makers.

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A Really Fine Knife Block Set For A Gift Suggestion

No Comments 25 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:kitchen knife set

While we are on the subject of wedding gifts, if you have a couple that at least one a chef or they both love to spend time in the kitche creating, let’s look at one of the utlimae gifts.  From Boker of Germany their 8 piece Damasus and Olive wood set.

This set features a VG10 core made exclusively for Boker that is wrapped in 36 layers of stainless steel with handles made from hand picked Olive wood.  This set features: Vegetable Knife, Paring Knife, 2 Utility Knives,  Santoku,  Chef’s Knife,  Bread Knife and an Olive wood, steel magnetic counter top storage block.  This knife seBoker-Olive-Sett is one 4 extremely nice block sets that are made from Bokeer you should ceheck out.

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A Case Knife Kitchen Knife Block Set Gift Idea

No Comments 24 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Knife Block Set

If you are looking for a nice gift for a wedding present and you know the couple likes to spend time in the kitchen you might want to look at this.  From the world famos Case Knife Company a 7 piece block set.

This quality set features full tang blades made from surgical steel that are set in triple riveted solid walnut handles, plus they are on sale so you get quite a bit without breaking the bank.  This set includes: Chef Knife, Serrated Bread Knife, Slicing Knife, Boning Knife, Paring Knife, Sharpening Steel with a walnut stained hardwood counter top storage block.  This kitchen knife block setCA07249-574x574 Case 7 Piece Knife Block Set is one of many quality moderately priced from famous name brands that will last a lifetime.

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Another Great Idea For A Wedding Gift

No Comments 23 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:kitchen knife set

Another in a series of really nice wedding gifts for the couple that likes to spend time in the kitchen and they don’t really have any good knives, take a look at this.  From Clauss Knives a five piece starter collection.

This set features knife blades with a VG10 core that is wrapped in 66 layers of stainless steel that is precision sharpened then is completed with a triple riveted bamboo handle.  This set includes a Chef’s knife, Serrated Bread Knife, Carving Knife, Paring Knife and a Bamboo space saving counter top  stoarge case.  This kitchen  knife setCL18520-in-block-574x574 is one of many from such names as Wusthof, J A Henckels  and other fine knife makers that any newlyweds would appreciate.

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