A Really Fine Knife Block Set For A Gift Suggestion

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While we are on the subject of wedding gifts, if you have a couple that at least one a chef or they both love to spend time in the kitche creating, let’s look at one of the utlimae gifts.  From Boker of Germany their 8 piece Damasus and Olive wood set.

This set features a VG10 core made exclusively for Boker that is wrapped in 36 layers of stainless steel with handles made from hand picked Olive wood.  This set features: Vegetable Knife, Paring Knife, 2 Utility Knives,  Santoku,  Chef’s Knife,  Bread Knife and an Olive wood, steel magnetic counter top storage block.  This knife seBoker-Olive-Sett is one 4 extremely nice block sets that are made from Bokeer you should ceheck out.

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A Case Knife Kitchen Knife Block Set Gift Idea

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If you are looking for a nice gift for a wedding present and you know the couple likes to spend time in the kitchen you might want to look at this.  From the world famos Case Knife Company a 7 piece block set.

This quality set features full tang blades made from surgical steel that are set in triple riveted solid walnut handles, plus they are on sale so you get quite a bit without breaking the bank.  This set includes: Chef Knife, Serrated Bread Knife, Slicing Knife, Boning Knife, Paring Knife, Sharpening Steel with a walnut stained hardwood counter top storage block.  This kitchen knife block setCA07249-574x574 Case 7 Piece Knife Block Set is one of many quality moderately priced from famous name brands that will last a lifetime.

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Another Great Idea For A Wedding Gift

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Another in a series of really nice wedding gifts for the couple that likes to spend time in the kitchen and they don’t really have any good knives, take a look at this.  From Clauss Knives a five piece starter collection.

This set features knife blades with a VG10 core that is wrapped in 66 layers of stainless steel that is precision sharpened then is completed with a triple riveted bamboo handle.  This set includes a Chef’s knife, Serrated Bread Knife, Carving Knife, Paring Knife and a Bamboo space saving counter top  stoarge case.  This kitchen  knife setCL18520-in-block-574x574 is one of many from such names as Wusthof, J A Henckels  and other fine knife makers that any newlyweds would appreciate.

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ANice Suggestion For A Wedding Gift

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If you are looking for a weding gift for the couple that really likes spenidig time in the kitchen and can appreciate the meaning of a well made knife, take a look at this.  From Germany, Boker Knife has the Stonewash 5 piece kitchen knife set.

This set was designed by Danish custom knife maker Jesper Voxinaes and features blades made from 440C stainless steel that gives it edge retention longer than most knives and with curved handles giving it a comfortable grip.  This set includes a Paring Knife, Utility Knife, Santoku, Chef’s Knife and a hardwood storage block.This Boker kitchen cutlery set130467set-Boker-Stone-Wash is only one of many they have to offer as well as indivdual kitchen knives in all sizes.


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A Starter Set For Those New To The Kitchen

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Do you know a young couple getting married in the near future that is trying to set up a household, don’t have much experience in the kitchen but you would like to get them a small set of knives as a gift.  Take a look at this 3 piece kitchen set from Kershaw.

This set features high carbon stainless steel blades with black Kraton slip resistant ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip.  This set includes a 3″ Paring knife, 4 3/4″ Serrated Utility Knife, and a 5″ Boning Knife. Look for this Kershaw KnifeKS99203-574x574 Kershaw 3 Piece Set set and other 2 or 3 piece starter sets from a number of fine knife makers that would be an ideal starter for those starting up in the kitchen.


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A Nice Gift For A Culinary School Grad

No Comments 20 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Japanese Kitchen Knives

If you are going to give a gift of a nice chef’s/cook’s knife as a present for that culinary school grad you may want to take a look at the Japanese version.  The Kantsune Gyuto does the same kitchen tasks as the western chef’s knife but you may find it a bit lighter and just slightly different style of blade.

This knife features a core of VG10 that is layered with 16 plys of stainless steel on each side for the Damascus pattern with wooden handles and a stainless steel bolster for strength.  This is an incredibly sharp knife that can retain it’s edge longer than most and if you notice it has a straight line edge  as compared to the small arc in the chef’s knife, which means you will be using a chopping motion rather than a rocking motion when using.  There are a number of the Kanetsune Traditional DamascusKT101-574x574 blade kitchen knives all very lightweight, very sharp and well made worth checking out.

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Something Different For A Slicing Knife

No Comments 17 May 1:24 pm Author: Randy Category:Japanese Kitchen Knives

I did a dinner party the other evening for a large number of people and had pork tenderloin for the main course, a lot of it, and I thought I would try something different as far slicing for a change.  I went with the Sakon Single Bevel Yanagi with it’s long narrow blade.

I used the 10″ single bevel made fromMolybdenum Vadaium  with the Wedge wood  traditional “D” shaped handle, extremely sharp.  It was great I was able to cut precise slices  with just one pull through through the roast leaving each plate with virtually identical slices.  I am still in the learing curve with the signle bevel but I would highly recommend this Japanese kitchen knifeSakon-Yanagi to your kitchen kninfe collection.z

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A Filleting Knife For The Fisherman/Ourdoorsman

No Comments 14 May 10:01 am Author: Randy Category:Butcher Knife

Just got back from the Outer Banks and went over to Oregon Inlet to watch all of the sport fishermen come in with their catch of the day.  Most of the fishermen are from out of town and they turn their catch over to locals to clean and fillet that catch for  “X” amount of money per pound and as I was watching I was thinking about how much a J A Henckels filleting knife would have saved them

The knife I had in mind was the Twin Pro ‘S’ 7″ filleting knife that is precision forged, ice temered for maxium strength, hardness and flexibility .  then lasers are used to make sure the edge is at it’s most precise angle for it’s razor sharp edge.  Triple riveted ABS hadles with a curved bolster for the thumb for safety and control while making precision cuts.  This J A Hencknifeels Knife is only one of a number of fine quality kitchen knives made for the outdoorman;s butchering tasks.


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A Nice Starter Set For A Wedding Gift

No Comments 13 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:kitchen knife set

With the wedding season upon us and you are looking for a nice gift for the couple there may be  some things you want to consider.  I read an article the other day saying giving kitchen cutlery to a couple was a horrible idea, they would wind up cutting themselves, maybe so but if you use some common sense it will be okay.

If the couple haven’t a clue to what goes on in the kitchen (yes, they are out there) they will eventually learn so why not start them out with a really good starter set, something to get comfortable with.  What I would recommend is the chef and paring knife combination set, this should get the greatest number of tasks in the kitchen taken care of.  I am giving the TWIN Pro :’S’ Henckels  Knife SetH35645-Twin-Pro-2pc-Chef-set with an 8″ Chef’s Knife and 4″ Paring knife, a great combination that will last a lifetime and a good starter set to buld a collection around as well.

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A Good Boning Knife For A Number Of Dishes

No Comments 12 May 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Paring Knife

If you like to make your own stew in the colder weather with left over pieces or meat or poultry, prepeping baby back ribs, or slicing away fat or even filleting, take a look at this.  From Global Their flexible bonging knife.

With a very narrow 6 1/4″ blade with a pointed tip this knife is great for cutting meat away from the bone, and with it’s pointed tip it’s great for a deep cut as well.  If you are preparing ribs this knife is great for peeling the silver from the rack also for cutting away fat from meat portions and filleting in some cases.  This Boning Knife from Global Japanese Knives isGlobal-Boner-574x574 great with poultry and even though it is flexible, with it’s Cromova stainless steel, 1/4″ razors edge this knife can do beef as well as pork, just remember don’t try to cut or hack through bones.



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