Sakon Molybdenum Single Bevel Ko-deba NT Series

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In the world of kitchen knives I have always thought there is a great difference better the Easter and Western  hemisphere kitchen cutlery.  The Western side we use a heavier knife for cutting large cuts of meats and heavy chopping while in the Eastern side more lighter foods like fish, vegetables and fruits using a lighter knife fo make sure a delicate cut is removing or filleting all you can get out of that item

The Sakon Molybdenum Single Bevel Ko-deba NT Series of Japanese kitchen knivesSakon-KoDeba-574x574  is made from a Molybdenum Vadadaium which is just a little softer steel than some other kitchen knives, which means it’s just a little lower on the Rockwell scale.  By doing this the blade is much easier to maintain and sharpen and less likely to break a chunk out if dropped or hit just right on a hard surface.  I have this knife and it is incredibly sharp, I use it for cutting  and chopping primarily fruits and vegetables

This is a single bevel, so they do take a little time to practice with, but once you get used to it, you will truly love it.




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Kanetsune Seki KT025 Traditional Damascus Series 9.4”Sujihiki

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Kanetsune has been making knives in Seki, Japan (City of knives) since 1948 following ancient  traditions of knife and sword making.  The Damascus series are hand made from the forge to the honing of the blades.

The Kanetsune Traiditional DamascusKanetsune KT025 KT025 Sujihiki core is made from a Swedish Sandvik 19C stainless steel with 45 layers of Damascus steel that is hand hammered to a beautiful finish, the blade looks as if it has dimples it’s entire length from the hammering, but these dimples play an important role in slicing meats and cheeses because of less sticking to that blade making the cutting job very easy.  The handles are a traditional Japanese “D” shape Red Sandlewood with black plywood bolster.

Please hand wash and dry.




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Boker Gorman Knife Block Set With Micarta Handles

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Bokier is offering a complete set of kitchen knives  with  a custom storage block.  Made in Germany from a 440C stainless steel with handles made from Micarta, a milled linen,  giving it a contour that is  comfortable to the hand that makes your cutting jobs less tiring.

The Boker Gorman Kitchen Block Set130563SET-Boker-Gorman-Black include: 9 1/4″ Bread Knife, 7 1/8″ Chef’s Knife, 6 1/8″ Santoku, 5 3/4″ Utility Knife, 4 3/8″ Paring Knife, 3″ Vegetable Peeler and a solid wood counter top storage block that has magnetic strips embedded in the wood and a movable peg that fits the hole in the blade tha is next to the handle.  The peg makes it easy to remove the knives whether you are right or left handed.




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Timberland 8060 TL 6 Piece Ceramic Kitchen Block Set

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The latest introduction to kitchen cutlery  is the Timberland Cape Cod Dream Tool Series of CERAMic knives who’s blades  have been touted in the industrail world for their durability  and hardness .  The knives have a wickedly sharp blade that will in most cases last up to 10 times longer than the traditional kitchen  steel knife blade

The handles are made from a very strong copolymer ABS and it’s top coat is TRP, an elastomer for a soft layer that gives the hand a sure, comfortable grip.  This Timberland Kitchen Block Set8060TL-Timberland-6-pc-Ceramic includes:  7″ Chef’s Knife, 6″ Santoku, 5″ Utility knife, 3 1/2″ Paring Knife, Ceramic blade Vegetable Peerler and a Counter Top Storage Block.

Always  remember to consult with your manufacturer regarding sharpening a ceramic knife blade.






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Eskiltuna EKA 740403 Butcher Set With Carrying Case

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This is a little different than most of the kitchen knives I write about. This is an indoor and outdoor set of butchering knives for those who still slaughter on the farm or for the hunter who butchers and eats the game they kill.

The Eskiltuna EKA 740403 butcher knives740403 Butcher Knife Set blades are made from high quality stainless steel along  with a light blue Santoprene soft grip handles and a carrying case that is an easy  tote even if you are in the field.  This set includes:  Gut Opener with a 3″ blade overall length 9″,  Skinning Knife with 6″ Blade overall length 11 3/8″,  Boning Knife with 5 5/8″ blade overall length 11 1/8″,  Butcher Knife with 6″ blade an overall length 11 1/4″.  A black nylon carry case with polyethylene sheaths  inside for a safe storage.  Made in Sweden.


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Victorinox VN7724317 Preium Forged 17 Pc Block Set

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Hand  forged blades that are made with a hot dropped process that is then ice tempered for strength by master craftmen  in Solinger, Germany make up Victorinox  preium forgedVN7724317-set-574x574 Victorinox 17 pc knife series.  The ice tempering is a complex timing process that can make the steel quite soft, almost bendable to very hard and rank high on the Rockwell scale.

The Victorinox VN7724617 is preium forged with a full tang construction, handle are rounded black POM han that are bolsterless for full edge cutting.  The set includs:

  • 9″ Serrated Bread Knife
  • 8″ Chef’s Knife
  • 8″ Slicer
  • 7″ Granton Edge Santoku
  • 6″ Boning Knife
  • 3 1/2″ Paring Knife
  • 8 – 4 1/2″ Steak Knives
  • Poultry Shears
  • 9 ” Honing Steel
  • Counter Top Bamboo Storage Block

Lifetime Warranty




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A Couple of Tips On Buying A Block Set of Knives

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There are so many excellent kitchen knives being made today and a lot of them being specialized it’s geting a little harder to make a decision on your needs.  If you are looking for a block setChicago C01310 of knives  , you may notice a number of manufactures have numerous sets that seem the same, let me try to help.

First get an idea what specific knives you use the most and while looking at the block sets, even though they look the same you may notice the blades are made of the same material but the handles may have a slight difference or the set pieces seem to be the same but check out the knife size.  Your Chef’s, Santoku and utility knives come in a variety of sizes, so pay close attention to this and the number of steak knives if applical.

Once you get your new knives it may seem to be  awkward or a little hard going, this is because you are not used to the handles, give yourself a little time and it will work itself out, it’s just like driving a new car and getting used to it.

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Al Mar AMC8 Eight Inch Chef’s Knife

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One of the most common knives in the kitchen is the chef’s knife, some call it a cook’s knife, that is probably used the most and is considered a multitasking knife with blade usually 6′ to 12″ with 8″ the more common.  The blades are wide and have a curve that allows the cook to get a rocking motion when chopping for a quicker more precise cut.

The Al Mar AMC8   is an eight inch blade Chef’s knife that has a VG10 stainless steel core wrapped between 2 layers of 400 series stainless steel for a very sharp edge that will retain that sharpness,  polished to a mirror finish and AL Mar logo.  The handles are a dark Micarta  for a sure and safe grip.

Al Mar AMUC8This knife is made in Japan.  Please hand wash and dry.

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Boker Damascus Olive VI 6 3/4″ Santoku Knife

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In the series of kitchen knives Boker has designed the Damascus Olive Japanese knife.  With a core of VG10 steel surrounded by 37 layer fo Damascus stainless steel they have created a blade that is incredibly sharp and will retain that edge longer than most of you conventional kitchen knives.

Boker Damascus Olive VI  6 3/4″ Santoku KnifebOKER sANTOKU not only has the Damascus steel blade but the handle is from a Mediterranean olive wood that has been hand picked just for this series of knives.   The color of the wood blended with the matte finish of the knife and stainless steel collar would be an attribute to any color scheme in your kitchen.  The handles  are not only appealing to the eye. but they have a comfortable, sure grip as well.

Please hand was and dry.


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Bear and Son BC5STl 4 Piece Steak Knife Set

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Bear and Son Knives are 100% American made from their factory in Alabama.  Everything  that is done from conception to the finished product is done  on site and each knife  passes through real human hands anywhere from 80 to 90 time before it becomes a finished porduct.

The Bear and Son BC5STK  steak knivesBC5STK-574x574 are a 4 piece set with     5″ blades made from a high carbon stainless steel, full tang construction  and handles made from real India stag bone.  Overall length is 9″ and is packaged in a gift box.  Please handle these as you would fine jewelry, hand wash and dry.





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