Le Cruset 5 Piece Large Stainless Steel Roaster

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Something in time for all of your holiday roasting. From Le Cruset a large roaster with a holiday bonus.
This set includes a large tri-ply roasting pan that gives you even heating with a non stick roasting rack, so now you can roast that chicken or loin and roast the veggies all at the same time or when roasting your meat is done put the pan on top of the stove with the drippings to make the gravy. Stay cool handles with a large grip for safety and as a holiday bonus a pair of fennel green potholders and a meat therometer.Check out LeCruset   CookwareLe-Creuset-5pc-Large-Stai for all of your holiday cooking needs from saucepans to Dutch ovens there are pieces, sets and collection to fit any kitchen as well as the decor.

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Blob Kramer 9″ Damascus Stainless Steel slicing Knife

No Comments 24 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Kramer Knives

From the only certified Master Bladesmith in the world that specializes in kitchen knives, Bob Kramer, the ultimate in slicing knives. This series of knives was designed/made in conjunction with J A Henckels and Bob Kramer for Sur La Table.
The blade is made from a SG-2 core that is wrapped and deep etched with 50 layers each side  chevron Damascus steel that is ice tempered for a Rockwell hardness scale of 63, then finished with a linen Micarta wrapped handle. This is the ideal knife for the holiday seasons when you have the large cuts or meats and turkey, with precise and thin as you like slices. This is only one piece of a series of Kramer KnivesBob Kramer Slicer that also can be found in sets and collections.

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Boker Gorm Kitchen Knife Block Set

No Comments 23 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Kitchen Knives

For the person on your shopping list this holiday season that loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen but hasn’t a decent knife worth using, take a look at this. From Germany Boker Knife has a six piece block set containing the most utilized knives for any kitchen task.
Designed by renowned Danish knife maker Jesper Voxnaes and made in Solingen, Germany these knife blades are made from 440C stainless steel known for its blade retention. The handles are designed for comfort to curtail hand fatigue and the unique feature of this set is its block made from solid wood with a heavy magnet embedded in the wood with an attached peg that fits into each knives blade hole, this peg can be moves to either side depending which hand you are using. These kitchen knivesBoker-USA-Gorm-Block-Set- from Boker are just part of a large array of kitchen knives made for the novice to the professional chef that can be bought by the piece, sets and collections.


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Ken Onion 7″ Multi-Purpose Serrated Utility Knife

No Comments 22 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Ken Onion Knives, Paring Knife

Something that can come in handy in the kitchen over the holidays.  From Shun, the Ken Onion multi-purpose serrated blade utility knife for slicing rolls of lunch meats, tomatoes, English muffins to cutting sandwiches made from leftover turnkey and ham.

This knife is unique with a Damascus style blade with a VG10 core that is wrapped in 16 layers each side with SUS410/SUS431 stainless steel giving it the Damascus detailing but rust resistant unlike some of the Damascus blades. Ergonomic triple riveted Ebony Pakkawood handle for a comfortable grip giving less hand fatigue for long periods of use. This is just one of the Ken Oniion Knives designed for Shun as well as the Ken Onion knivesShun-Ken-Onion-7-Inch-Multi-Purpose- made here in America in sets, collections and pieces for any kitchen and it’s decor.

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Haiku Itamae 11″ Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife

No Comments 21 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Japanese Chef's Knife, Paring Knife

Quite possibly one of the best chef’s knife in the world with the quality seal of the Federation of Sakai Cutlery Commerce and Industry Association. If you are a professional chef or you are the serious home chef this could be the knife for you.
Hand made 32 layer Damascus steel blade with a high carbon steel core with a Rockwell hardness of 61. Similar to the Western style chef’s knife, wide a the heel and a slight curve as you near the tip making it easier for a rocking style of chopping, but is made to handle all types of tasks in the kitchen,complete with a black octagon “D” style handle with a polished buffalo horn bolster, packaged in a wooden box. Check this fine Japanese Chef’s KnifeHaiku-Itamae-11-Gyuto-Chef-Knife-I01-0-300x266 and other Japanese style knives for the kitchen, you will be surprised on their lightweight and sharpness as well as ease of use.

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Advocate For Induction Cooking

No Comments 20 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Induction Cookware

Some reasons for considering induction cooking in your home other than this holiday season when you have to cook large meals for family and friends coming over. If your conventional stove is loaded with pots and pans you can put the magnetic induction stove top on your counter and add more items to be cooked, but keep in mind they will probably cook faster.
Because there are no electric or gas burners there is no heat being transmitted to your counter top in fact lift the pan off the burner and it will be cool, the only heat is what has been radiated from the pan in your hand. Because of the cool surface they are safer around children and you don’t have to worry about spills being cooked into the surface of the stove, just wipe it up. Besides being more economical using less energy, you will be amazed how fast you can cook a meal with precise temperature control, such as boiling water in 7 seconds. Induction CookwareAll Clad is readily available and you may have some already, check the pan with a magnet, otherwise cookware such as Health Craft, All Clad, Demeyere and Mauviel, to name just a few have sets, collections and single pieces to fit any kitchens cooking style

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J A Henckels Twin Pro ‘S’ 4 Piece Steak Knife Set

No Comments 19 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Henckels Knife

With the holidays around the corner and the big dinners that go along with them you not only need a good carving/slicing knife for the turkey, beef or other cuts of meat, but you need a good steak knife at the table to get those bite size pieces. This 4 piece steak knife set from J A Henckels should take care of the bite size cuts.
The blades are made from a high carbon steel that is then ice tempered for strength, corrosion and stain proof. The Novodur triple riveted handles feature a visible tang and an enhanced bolster for added strength and balance then finished off with a precision hand hone for a sharper edge that will hold its sharpness. This Henckels KnifeZwilling-JA-Henckels-Twin-Pro-S-4-Piece-Steak-Set-0-300x240 set is one of many steak knives, you also should check out the carving sets and other collections while you are looking, Henckles has a knife for all kitchens regardless of the cutting task.

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Health Craft Cookware For A Holiday Helping Hand

No Comments 18 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Healthcraft Cookware

With the holidays coming up and you are planning to cook for a large crowd you may soon realize that you are running out of burners on the stove top and room in the oven. Health Craft may be the solution to these problems.
With its multi-ply construction  aluminum core for even heating throughout the pan you can cook on lower heat levels without adding all that water for most dishes giving you more room. Because you have the even heating with a surgical steel interior you can also bake on stove tops using low heat as well, but if this still is not enough get yourself a counter top induction burner(s) and take advantage of the magnetic induction compatibility. Check out the Health Craft CookwareHealth-Craft-7-piece-Waterless-Cookware-Set-Made-in-USA-0-300x300 line for single pieces and sets along with their kitchen helpers to make the holiday kitchen tasks much easier.

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Global 2 Piece Carving Set

No Comments 17 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Global Knives

If you are still wondering how you are going to carve that Thanksgiving turkey or roast this may be your solution. From Global of Japan a 2 piece carving knife and carving fork set.
Global knives are made to the precision standards of professional chefs with a perfectly balanced, lightweight knife that cuts hand fatigue while giving you bridled control while carving. Forged from a single piece of G18 Chromova steel with an incredible cutting edge at a 12 1/2 degree cutting angle then finished with the famous dimpled handle for a sure and comfortable grip. While looking at this carving set take a look at the Global knives Global-2-Piece-Carving-Set-0-300x170line  including pieces, sets and steak knifes for cutting the meat you just carved.

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Lamson Sharp 6″ Fillet/Boning Knife

No Comments 16 Nov 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Fillet Knife

Thinking ahead of the food leftover from your Thanksgiving meal and you have enough turkey left to make a batch of hash but you need a knife to get those close cuts, take a look at this. From Lamson Sharp their forged fillet/boning knife.
This knife is made here in America from a single piece of forged and tempered high carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany. Hard polished and oiled Rosewood handles that are triple riveted to a full tang blade that is then hand edged and honed. This Lamson Sharp fillet knifeLamsonSharp-6-Inch-Forged-FilletBoning-Knife-0-300x62 is part of a series of knives for your home kitche and while you are looking check out their single pieces and kitchen knife sets made for any kitchen task.

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