What About A Single Bevel Kitchen Knife For Asian Cuisine

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I have shown a few single bevel knives in my blogs and I own a couple, they are not the knife you are going to find in most kitchen stores in this country.  If you are thinking about trying your hand with one, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First the blade is going to allow you to make wafer thin slicing with vegetables, fruits and precise cuts on meats with it’s wider edge usually 1/4″ and visisble with the naked eye. but it does take practice using one, they sometimes feel like they want to pull themselves in their own direction while cutting,  I am still on that learning curve.  Keep in mind  these knives have been around quite a while in the Orient, but we are now beginning to see them in the Western world.  Shun, Sakon,Global even Henckels Miyabi series are just a few of the makers of  quality Japanese        single bevel knivesSakon-KoDeba-574x574

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What Is VG10 Stainless Steel Used In Kitchen Cutlery

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Originally designed in the cutlery, swordmaking center of Japan the VG10 metal became the preferred metal of choice by Japanese chefs.  It has been called V Gold 10 by many who consider it the gold standard  of stainless steel because of it’s  status of quality

This stainless steel is alloyed with small levels of carbon, molybednum, chromnum, vanadium and cobvalt to make the VG10 a very durable knife blade that hold an edge and resist corrosion.It is considered one of the most popular kitchen knife blade steel.  You will find VG10 in  Shun-Pro-Deba-574x574Shun Japanese knives  core in their Damascus steel blade knives and in the majority of other fine Japanese knives as well.



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What Is A Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Blade?

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Have you been looking at kitchen knives and have sen the term “Damascus Steel” and wondered what it was and how it comes into play with a knife blade?  I will try to give you the much adbridged verision/

Damascus steel is the laminating of two or more layers of iron and steel by forge welding, a process of heating the metals to a near molten tempeturre and hammering them into the solid core,   hammering the entire length of these metals then folding them back into themselves and hammering again producing the waterfall layered effect.  During the hammering there is a substance used to remove the oxides from the metal and seals them together so there can be no more oxides introduced to the metal (flux), end results are a patterned, layered knife blade that is very hard, very sharp and will retain it’s edge. You will find this type of blade in the Shun Damascus Steel Chef’s KnifeShun-santoku as well as numerous other fine Japanese knives



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A Quick Look At A Santoku Japanese Kitchen Knife

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If you are still considering doing a lot of Asian cuisine cooking and want to use Japanese kitachen cutlery, take a look a this one.  The Santoku, which is the Japanese verision of the Western style chef’s or cook’s knife

This knife is very similar to the chef’s knife but you will find it is somewhat lighter, as in most Japanese cutlery, but it is extremely sharp to compensate the lost weight, and the blade is usually 6 to eight inches compared to 8 to 10 on the chef’s.  Most  will have a more radical angled bevel which calls for a harder steel which in turn will retain it’s edge longer than most Western style knives, but they may be somewhat brittle and need attention to what you are cutting into.   If you are in the kitchen doing numerous tasks the Santoku KnifeAMUC7 Al Mar Santoku may be a little less tiring and to me a little easier using it for mincing and chopping.


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A Little Something Regarding a Yanagi Slicing Knife

No Comments 21 Apr 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Japanese Kitchen Knives

If you are serious about Asian cuisine at home and are looking for the right kind of  kitchen cutlery to get you there, let’s look at this one.  The Yanagi or Yanagiba, the long thin tapered knife used for sashmi and sushi preparation.

Some criteria for using a sashmi knife is that it must be thin and a tapering length of roughtly 9 to 12 inches for slicing, you are only going to go in one direction, pulling, and you are going to be using very little force usually the weight of the blade (which is also razor sharp)( is enough, because you do not want to tear the meat.  Some single bevels are indented on the back side to keep things from sticking or if you are going for perfection wipe the blade with a towel after each slice. I have the single bevel Yanagi  Sakon Japanese KnifeSakon-Yanagi  with a 10 1/2″ blade, although I do not do much Asian cooking I use this knife on fish dishes and things like a pork tenderloin or meats that I am making petite slices.

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Short Story of The Steak Knife

No Comments 20 Apr 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Steak Knife Sets

In early history the only table utincels used for eating were our hands, in a large portion of the world if something needed to be cut up, it was done in the kitchen by the cook because that was where the knives were.  In Europe during the  Midevil era some people carried a small sharp knife on their person and used it to cut their food which was then eaten with their hands, then we progressed from there.

In this country before World War I we were using table knives but the metal used for making them was so bad you had to sharpen them literally every time you were to use them, but then came World War II and the serrated blade was made and when the war was over this blade was utilized in the steak knife.  Today a majority of the blades are serrated but a number of makers are using a blade with alloyed stainless steel that are razor sharp and retain it’s sharpness for longer periods of time and Ontario Knives35-Smallest-Image-Ontario-Steak offers this high grade stainless steel in their agilite steak knife collection. There are a number of steak knives offered, if you are looking check out the blades, handle style and don’t forget how it will look on the dinner table

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How To Dull A Kitchen Knives Revisited

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I showed a few common ways to dull a kitchen knife so I will give a few more that we may not realize we are doing.  Also remember a dull knife will cut you faster than a sharp one, you are using an unusal amount of force on a dull knife to try to make it cut like a sharp one.

If you put your knives in a vertical  slot in you storage block put them in upside down, the edge is not running over the wood everytime you pull out or put the knife in, don’t use a ceramic, glass or hard subtance cutting boart, it will dull them out quickly,  if your knife is getting a little dull don’t put it on an electric grinder it will eat the blade away,  if you have a good knife the odds are the metal has rolled a little to a side, use a sharpening steel it’s realigning the metal, very simple.  Even a very fine  paring knifeAMUC2-574x574 such as the AL Mar Ultra Chef series needs a little touch up on occasion.

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Things You Should Never Do With Your Kitchen Knives

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I have spent a good deal of time building my knife collection, it may not be the greatest in teh world but I think I have some very good pieces and I like to treat them with all the respect they deserve.  However, I can break out into a cold sweat when I see someone walking out of the kitchen heading outdoors and I notice a knife is missing from the block and realize someone is going to prune the plant life.

Please don’t do these thing with your kitchen knives, hack through bone, try to cut through anything frozen (hacksaws and in some cases a cleaver will work with these), cut up cardboard boxes,use as a screwdriver, and wash the knives in your dishwasher (always hand wash and dry immediately after using even if you are going to use them again in a few minutes, we’ll talk of others in future blogs.  Your kitchen knife or knife setH33403-Twin-Four-Star-II-8-Piece  like the J A Henckels Twin Four Star II 8 Piece set will give you a lifetime of service when we apply basic  common sense .


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Case 7 Piece Kitchen Block Set CA07249

No Comments 17 Apr 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Knife Block Set

From the company that began by selling cutlery out of the back of wagons in 1888, to suppling our troops with knives during World War I to one of the laregest knife makers in the world today Case Knfe Company.  From the numerous makes and models they have presented us with a 7 piece kitchen knife block set.

These knives feature full tang blades made from surgical stainless :Tru Sharp: blades that can retain it’s razor sharp edge, completed with triple riveted Walnut handles for a sure and comfortable grip.  This set includes: 8″Chef’s Knife, 8″ Serrated Bread Knife, 9″ Slicing Knife, 6″ Boning Knife, 3″ Paring Knife, 10″ Sharpening Knife that fit into a Walnut stained counter top storage block.  Along with this knife block setCA07249-574x574 Case 7 Piece Knife Block Set check out the complete line of Case knives,  I have a liking for a number of their collectable pocketknives too.




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Clauss 5 Piece Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set CL18520

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Have you ever wondered what is  “Damascus Steel” such as in this Clauss set which has 67 layers per knife.  The knife will start with a very hard steel core then alternate layers of stainless steel and iron are put over the core, the steel is for strength and the ability to retain a very sharp edge, the iron is softer giving the blade some flexability and to protect the steel from chipping or breaking becaus the steel is a little brittle.

These knives feature full tang blades with 67 layers of Japanese forged steel and as each layer is positioned you can see the pattern of those layers,  those patterns have become an art form over past centuries, complete with moisture and stain resistant bamboo handles.  This  set includes: 8″ Chef’s knife,  8″ Serrated Bread Knife, 8″ Carving Knife, 3 1/2″ Paring Knife and a bamboo counter top storage block. This is truly a professional grade kitchen knife setCL18520-in-block-574x574 for your kitchen or your work kitchen that is offered at a reasonable price.




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