All Clad Stainless Steel 2 Piece Set of Turkey Forks

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All-Clad-T167-Stainless-Steel-Turkey-Forks-Set-2-Piece-Silver-0-300x248Here’s something every one of us have thought about numerous times, usually when it’s too late and we are trying to lift a turkey or roast out of the oven balancing it on 2 wooden spoons while your dog is under your feet salivating, waiting for it to drop. Here is the solution to your worried thoughts from All Clad 2 long pronged turkey forks.
Made from 18/10 polished stainless steel with ergonomic handles and pointed prongs to insert into the meat that gives you a better grip and balance that is disappointing only to your dog. Strong enough for not only easing the turkey out of the oven also taking large cuts of meat from the grill, dutch oven and slow cookers. If you need a roaster or something to roast that meat in make sure you look over the complete line of All Clad Cookware, there is a cooking vessel to handle any cooking task in the kitchen.

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Wusthof Pro 10″ Cimeter Knife

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Wusthof-Pro-Cimeter-Knife-10-Inch-0-300x84It’s that time of year when watermelons and cantaloupes are ripe and this is the easiest way I know to make a melon cutting job less of a chore. The Cimeter is a longer blade knife that is usually used for butchering, but I have found it is the ideal size for cutting even a larger watermelon into manageable pieces.
First, the best way to find if you have a ripe or even sweet melon is to take a single;e straw out of your broom with you to the market, place it on top (make sure no fans are on) in the middle parallel on the melon, if it turns itself perpendicular the melon is ripe, if it spins it is really sweet. Cut the melon into slices and if you want to get rid of the rind get a fillet knife and cut. This Cimeter is also ideal for cutting butternut squash in the fall and don’t forget to look at the Wusthof Knife Sets, pieces and collection and by the way you can go to You Tube and watch the process live.


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Wedgewood Porcelain Peter Rabbit 8 Piece Tea Set

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Wedgwood-Porcelain-Peter-Rabbit-Tea-Set-8-Pieces-0-300x300Trying to accumulate Brownie points with that niece or granddaughter and having a hard time, look no further. From Wedgewood in conjunction with Beatrix Potter the Peter Rabbit tea set.
Their relationship started in 1949 when Wedgewood started illustrating ceramic pieces with Peter Rabbit and has been decorating with Peter Rabbit on their nurseryware ever since. The set includes miniature Teapot, Creamer and Sugar Bowl, Cups, Saucers and Plates for 2 that are dishwasher safe but don’t use in a microwave. Also included is a custom designed storage suitcase to store this collection when not in use or this Wedgewood China Peter Rabbit set can be taken on a road tour as well as to a friend’s house.

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Waterford Lismore Double Old fashioned Gift Box Set of 3

No Comments 25 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Waterford Crystal

Waterford-Lismore-Double-Old-Fashioned-Glasses-Deluxe-Gift-Box-Set-of-6-DOF-Glasses-0This would make a truly great gift for the bourbon lover or the person with a mancave that has an extensive collection of spirits and their glasses. From Waterford 6 double old fashion glasses with a gift box that can be used for storage.
Handcrafted lead crystal with the famous diamond pattern each glass has a 12 ounce capacity, 4 1/2″ tall, perfectly weighted. With the storage box these would be an ideal set to take to The Foxfield Horse Races on the inside rail with your tail gating group sitting in easy chairs and bourbon, what a perfect day. Make sure you check out the complete line of Lismore by Waterford Crystal, everything from wine glasses, decanters to water tumblers, something for every occasion and table setting.

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Villeroy & Boch S+ Sun 20 Piec Flatware Set

No Comments 24 Jul 10:06 am Author: Randy Category:Villeroy and Boch Dinnerware

VILLEROY-BOCH-S-Sun-20-piece-set-0-300x300Just in time for summertime dining, colored handles fora casual lunch or brunch to give you both functionality and visual appeal. An innovational material mix that will not scratch porcelain or crystal that you don’t continually pick-up off the floor because they keep sliding from the table.
Made from 18/10 stainless steel contrasted with a durable soft silicon non-slip classical styled handle. This set includes 4 each of: Dinner Forks, Salad Forks, Dinner Knife, Dinner Spoon and Teaspoon. This S+ series of flatware is offered in 6 colors that will brighten any summertime table and goes perfectly with any array of porcelain Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware place setting you should check out while looking the flatware over.

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Victorinox Classic 10 1/4″ ‘ Granton Edge Slicing Knife

No Comments 16 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Victorinox Knife

Victorinox-Swiss-Classic-10-14-Inch-Slicing-Knife-with-Granton-Edge-0-300x98Got that big cut of meat in the smoker or the pig going in the large cooker/smoker and you need a knife that can slice and cut up that meat without gnawing at it or ruining it in the cutting process? This Victorinox slicing knife has been around a long timer and has been updated and improved somewhat in the recent years.
Made from a high carbon, rust resistant steel with small indentations on each side (Granton) that have small air pockets that help prevent food from sticking making the cutting task very easy and not tearing the meat as you go. New ergonomic handles that make it a more comfortable sure grip, plus earning it the highest sanitary standards from the National Sanitary Foundation. This Victorinox Knife is also great this time of year for cutting up a watermelon and melons in general, great for the holidays in slicing ham as well as butternut squash.

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Versace by Rosenthal Dedalo Rim 9″ Soup Bowl

No Comments 15 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Versace Crystal

Versace-by-Rosenthal-Dedalo-Rim-Soup-9-Inch-0-300x300A soup bowl is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind with the temperature well into the 90s; nationwide with the heat index over 100. I hope that what I am going to suggest with these soup bowls will not cause him to roll over in his grave.
The Dedalo series feature the classical Greek meander band motif that is in a modern and contemporary form that is interpreted as past meets present. Anthracite-platinum on white, platinums in matt and shiny finishes with tonal white on white in graphic overlays. This is a perfect size and colors for ice cream with cookies lining the wide rim,served perfect with ice-cold soda in a Versace Crystal glass, sometimes the heat makes us do some outlandish things.


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Vera Wang by Wedgewood Elements Stainless & Acacia Serving Bowl

No Comments 14 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Vera Wang China

Vera-Wang-by-Wedgwood-Elements-Stainless-10-Inch-Serving-Bowl-0-300x300This could quiet well be one of those perfect wedding, housewarming or myself gifts that can be used for numerous occasions. Use as a serving bowl at a brunch, cocktail party, pool party or even a dinner party.
Made from a combination of dark acacia wood (native to Australia and Pacific regions) and gently hammered 18/8 stainless steel for a finished 10″ bowl. This bowl should be hand washed and dried soon thereafter, do not let soak and use a mild detergent when washing. Check out the array of other Vera Wang China serving pieces and dinnerware to go with this serving bowl for casual dining and dinner parties.

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Kikuichi 6 1/2″ Nickel Sweden Warikomi Damascus Utility Knife

No Comments 13 Jul 10:26 am Author: Randy Category:Utility Knife

Kikuichi-65-Nickel-Sweden-Warikomi-Damascus-Utility-Knife-0-300x300Warikomi is a type of laminating process, which is used in this particular utility knife with 45 layers of Damascus steel. The Japanese utility is one of the most utilized knives in the kitchen, very similar to the western utility but with a straight blade, little or no arc.
The core of this knife is Swedish high carbon stainless steel that is known for its lack of impurities, very hard with a Rockwell Scale rating of 60. Each side is clad with 22 layers consisting of 11 layers of nickel steel, 6 layers of SUS410 and 5 layers of J1 stainless steel that is hand hammered leaving small indentations that make food less likely to stick to the blade. Traditional “D” shaped Rosewood handles with a black accented blade guard made from water buffalo horn makes this quiet possibly the best utility knife available

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Shun Classic 7″ Rocking Prep Knife

No Comments 11 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Shun Knives

Shun-DM0764-Classic-7-Inch-Rocking-Knife-0-300x300This is the ideal knife for vegetarians, vegans and people who like to make their own salads.  Instead of buying the small bags of pre-made salads from the grocery store, but them fresh, with this knife you can do several meals worth in no time at all.
Made with a VG-10 cutting core that is clad with 32 layers of Damascus steel over its wide belly then finished off with a 16 degree cutting angle for maximum precision cutting . Great for chopping large vegetables with the rocking motion and is especially good for mincing herbs to throw on your salad, very quick and easy to handle. Black laminated “D” shaped handle for a comfortable and sure grip on this Shun Knife and don’t forget if you are putting a steak on the grill to go with your salad take a look a the array of steak knives from Shun as well.

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