Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Old fashion glasses W/Colored Accents

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With the NCAA Basketball tournaments coming soon, you want to make sure you are ready when the party is at your house or man cave. These Schott Zwiesel Old Fashions are great sipping or making a highball.
This series is from their Paris barware collection and is made from Titanium, zirconium oxide which makes these glasses more durable, less likely to chip or scratch. These Old Fashions feature oversized weighted bottom styling that is offset by straight sides. This set includes 4 glasses that hold 10 ounces each and while you are looking check out Schott Zwietsel Beer GlassesSchott Zwiesel, wine glasses as well as a complete line of barware.

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Ruffoni Symphonita Prima 8 Quart Covered Stockpot

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From Italy is the craftsmanship of hand hammered stainless steel cookware series that is appealing to both the professional chef and the home kitchen chef. This eye appealing stockpot is safe in ovens up to 450 degrees and compatible with all stovetops including the magnetic induction.
Two layers of mirror polished stainless steel with a thick core of aluminum assures great heat conduction and even heat throughout the pan. Cast stainless steel handles that are riveted to the pot and finished up with a polished stainless steel lid. This Ruffoni CookwareRuffoni-Symphonia-Pr is just part of their cookware lineup make sure you look over their copper series that made Ruffoni famous.

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Riedel Vitis Set of 2 Martini Glasses

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Now that football season is winding down it is time to start the cocktail hour in lieu of sporting events for the get together.  One way to celebrate this hour properly is the martini glass from Riedel.

The Vitis series feature the tallest stem in the crystal series from Riedel with each stem being made from a single piece of glass that is hand pulled giving it a fluid appearance. Each bowl size and rim of a Riedel glass is based on the grape or drink that is going into the glass and this is a leaded crystal which give the glass clarity and weight as well.  This 9 3/8 ounce martini glass is great as a wedding gift or just to add a touch of class to a dinner table and don’t forget the Riedel Wine GlassRiedel-Vitis-Martini-Glass-Set-of-2-0-281x300 to go with the cocktail hour (not everyone is a martini enthusiast) to add to your spirits glass collection.





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Noritake Platinum Wave Square Appetizer Plates Set of 4

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With the Super Bowl just around the corner and you are throwing a big party, these plates are the perfect solution for serving your guests the crunchy – munchies type of appetizers. If your team doesn’t come out the winner these are also great for serving up crow after the game.
With a relaxed approach for serving ware this pattern is of a platinum wave washing up to the rim of the plate. Goes well with square and round place settings, blends in well with a large variety of accessories to give your dinner table or buffet table a personal touch. Made from a white porcelain these plates are dishwasher safe and while you are looking check out the complete line of Noritake ChinaNoritake-Wave-Square-Appetizer-Plate-Platinum-Set-of-4-0-300x300 for different patterns, styles and colors than can match any kitchen or dining room decor.

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Messermeister Oliva Elite 6 Piece Multi-Edge Streak Knife Set

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From Solingen, Germany some must have dinner table/ tail gate equipment for those big meals before the Super Bowl. These knifes have a unique blade that is serrated on the uupward curve going to the tip for separating meat from the bone while the lower half is made for slicing of the meat.
These steak knives are one of a few still being made in the German hot drop forge from a single piece of high grade German steel making the blade, bolster and tang one piece that is hand polished for an elite edge. The handles are made from Italian Olive wood that gives a sure and ergonomic grip as well as being in perfect balance with the rest of the knife. These steak knives are just a small part of the Messermeister Kitchen KnifeMessermeister-Oliva-Elite-6-Pc- collections, sets and pieces made for every kitchen task.

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Mauviel M’ Cook 6.4 Quart Stainless Steel 5 Ply Stewpan

No Comments 3 Feb 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Mauviel Cookware

From The City of Copper in France since 1830 Mauviel has been manufacturing copper cookware with expertise handed down from generations. From that expertise he is offering superior professional chef’s cookware in stainless steel.
5 Layers of high performance featuring, magnetic stainless steel interior and exterior for induction stove top compatibility, aluminum, aluminum alloy and aluminum again cores for an even and quick heat. Stay cool cast stainless steel handles and pouring rims for safe handling. This Mauviel CookwareMauviel-MCook-5-Ply-Stainless-Steel is not only compatible with induction stoves but also gas, electric and halogen, make sure your check out both their stainless steel and copper cookware pieces and collections.

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Mac Knife Professional Edge 8″ Chef’s Knife

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From Japan the dimpled (or scalloped if you prefer) edge chef’s knife that is razor sharp right out of its packing box and will retain that edge for some time.   This chef’s knife can be used for cutting, chopping for slicing just about anything on a cutting board and one of the things you will notice it is very thin with a gradual taper from heel to tip like your Western style Chef knives.

Made from their original alloys  using high carbon Molybdenum and vanadium steel with no bolster making this quite lightweight, easier to use, less stress cutting..  Pakkawood handles for a sure grip and even balance.  The dimples make your cutting and slicing easier because the dimples form small air pockets for less friction and less sticking.  This Mac Knife is part of their array of kitchen knives you should check out while looking over this knife.Mac-Knife-Professional-Hollow-Edge-Chefs-Knife-8-Inch-0

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Le Cruset9 Quart Round French )Dutch) Oven

No Comments 1 Feb 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:LeCruset Cookware

From France the signature enameled cast iron just in time for the Super Bowl and chili. This 9 quart French (Dutch) oven is compatible with any type of stove top including magnetic induction and can be used in traditional ovens as well as grilles.
This cookware is ideal for chili because you can pull it off the stove serve it at the table and keep it there because of its ability to retain heat and in the summer serve something cold and keep the lid on because it will retain that cold too. Sand colored enamel on the interior so you can keep an eye on how things are cooking with even heating throughout the pan so you can cook on lower heats, complete with oversized handles, cast iron lid that fits securely with the pans lid stabilizer, and composite knob for lifting the lid. This French (Dutch) oven is just on piece of Le Cruset CookwareLe-Creuset-Signature-Enameled- that comes in all shapes, sizes and colors to match any kitchen decor and cooking tasks.

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Bob Kramer 7 – Piece Damascus Stainless Block Set

No Comments 31 Jan 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Kramer Knives

Working with Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer, the only one in the world specializing in kitchen knives, and Zwilling J A Henckels cutlery manufacturer, an exclusive series was created for Sur La Table. Each of these knives are hand finished by skilled Japanese artisans using traditional honing techniques.
These blades are rapidly ice temperature cooled , then tempered, twice giving them a Rockwell scale 63 for hardness and longevity then finishing the handles with Macarta linen, a most durable material that resists wear even after much use and can withstand extreme temperatures, hot and cold. This set includes: 3 1/2″ Paring Knife, 5″ Utility Knife, 8″ Chef’s Knife, 10″ Bread Knife, 9″ Slicer, Sharpening steel, and dark Walnut counter top storage block. While taking a look at these Kramer KnivesKramer-by-Zwilling- make sure you check out all of his pieces and sets and you will understand why some people will wait up to 2 years for one of his hand-made knives.

: .

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Boker Damascus Olive 8 Piece Knife Block Set

No Comments 30 Jan 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Kitchen Knives

Making knives in Solingen, Germany since 1869 this is Boker’s Premium Brand kitchen knife set complete with all of the essential styles to cover any kitchen task. These knives feature hand picked Mediterranean Olive Wood and Damascus Steel blades.
These blades have 18 layers each side of Damascus Steel with a high carbon steel core for strength, hardness and blade retention plus Olive Wood handles in the traditional “D” shape for a comfortable, sure grip. This set includes: 3 1/8″ Vegetable Knife, 3 3/4″ Paring Knife, 5 3/4″ Utility Knife, 6 1/8″ Utility Knife, 6 3/4″ Santoku, 8 1/4″ Chef’s Knife, 9 1/8″ Bread Knife and a counter top Magnetic Olive Wood Storage Block. This set of Kitchen KnivesBoker-USA-Damascus-Olive-Block-Set-130445SET-0-300x300 is just one of many and varied kitchen knife sets, collections and individual pieces made for everyone’s kitchen.

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