Shun Classic 5″ Hollow Edge Nakiri Vegetable Knife

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shun-classic-5-inch-hollow-edge-nakiri-knife-0-300x300This could be the perfect git for that vegetarian or vegan who is getting married or a nice housewarming gift for the same moving into their first abode. From Japan the Nakiri kitchen knife made specifically for vegetable chopping with a rectangular shaped and  square nose.
Made with a core of VG-10 cobalt stainless steel with 16 layers each side of SUS410 stainless steel to protect the blade which is not only built for strength and durability but is also quiet flexible. Black laminated Pakkawood handles in the traditional “D” shape for a sure grip. This Nakiri  Shun Knife blade also is a hollow ground series that has indentations down the entire blade that helps enhancing the blades sharpness and helps keep food from clinging as well

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Schott Zwiesel Pilsner Beer Glasses and Barware

No Comments 28 Sep 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Schott Zwiesel Beer Glasses

SCHOTT-ZWIESEL-shot-Zwiesel-Pilsner-Beer-Glass-S-390cc-avian-tongue-Crystal-dishwasher-OK-ZW8730-115273TP-japan-import-0-300x300Okay all of you sportsmen, beer season is here at last and you will want that perfect glass to hold that beer. From Germany, a series of Pilsner glasses, from footed to stemmed, big enough to hold a full 12 oz. bottle plus room for a decent head to boot.
Not leaded crystal but a combination of titanium for strength and zinc oxide for clarity while using the most environmentally sensitive technology to produce these glasses. You may even find out the glasses are chip, scratch and break resistant when you accidentally drop one after sampling a few more than you should have. Dishwasher safe these Schott Zwiesel Beer Glasses are a compliment to their barware series of glasses that hold all of the most popular spirited drinks as well as shot glasses for the unexpected touchdowns.

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Ruffoni Copper Casserole With Porcelain Insert

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ruffoni-copper-rf5127-low-casserole-with-porcelain-insert-55-inch-0-300x266Hand hammered copper cookware for generations in Italy at the foot of the Alps, Ruffoni has added an insert so you can expand the versatility of the casserole pan. Great for use in the upcoming holiday season if you make your own candy or sauces for the big dinners.
The casserole pan is made from a pure copper with a nonreactive tin lining that is ideal with gas heat or in the oven up to 450 degrees. Add a porcelain insert for melting chocolate, cheese or those vegetable dishes with a cheese sauce or creamy sauce topping. The copper is an even heat throughout the Ruffoni Cookware that releases into the porcelain for a more gentle even heat to help prevent scorching plus these are such a work of art serving from these vessels would offer a crowning touch to any dinner table


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Riedel Veritas Cabernet Sauvignon 2 Glass Set

No Comments 25 Sep 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Riedel Wine Glasses

riedel-veritas-cabernet-sauvignon-glass-set-of-2-0The Veritas series of wine glasses are a break through in technology of machine blown leaded crystal. These glasses are taller, lighter and finer than Riedel’s other series and is still dishwasher safe.
When you see the term leaded crystal it is not as if you are getting lead into your system such as eating paint chips but rather lead oxide is added in quantities of 10 to 30% to the glass mixture which makes the glass more brilliant and gives it clarity plus it makes the mixture easier to melt for the glass blowing. There has been questions raised about health problems when liquids are stored in lead crystal but there have been no cases in modern times. So when drinking from these Riedel Wine Glasses and other wine glasses in general, you should not have to worry about it harming you other than you getting dead drunk from over indulging.


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Noritake Cirque 2 Piece Gravy Boat With Tray

No Comments 24 Sep 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Noritake China

noritake-cirque-2-piece-gravy-boat-with-tray-0-300x300Seems like this year has flown by and now we are in the middle of football season thinking of the big bowl games coming up, however we also need to think of the upcoming season with the big bowls of mashed potatoes. And what goes with those mashed potatoes, gravy, can’t have one without the other and Noritake has the solution for bringing that gravy to the dinner table.
Made from a white porcelain with delicate, gentile and refined colors of calligraphy scroll work that can even be used in an informal setting. Complete with a serving tray to keep that gravy off of that fine table-cloth and this set is dishwasher safe. This Noritake China is only one pattern of many that matches many  pieces of each of their collections that can be used at any table setting.

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Messermeister San Moritz Elite 9″ Left-Handed Bread Knife

No Comments 23 Sep 9:53 am Author: Randy Category:Messermeister Kitchen Knife

messermeister-san-moritz-elite-9-inch-left-handed-bread-knife-0-300x300A little something else for the left-handed chef out there from Solingen, Germany. This bread knife is just a little longer and a little wider than their tomato slicer but with the scalloped edge on the front side, biting into a crusty loaf of bread makes cutting a breeze without mashing the loaf flat in the process.
Hot drop hammer forged from a single piece of high carbon alloyed stainless steel that is then tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 57-58. Completely molded ergonomic handle around the full tang blade. The Elite series of all the Messermeister Kitchen Knife blades edg are a 3 step 15 degree that is hand stropped on a cloth wheel that gives it an incredible sharp edge

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Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 4.8″ Round Pan w/Bronze Handles

No Comments 22 Sep 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Mauviel Cookware

mauviel-mheritage-copper-m150b-652712-48-inch-round-pan-with-bronze-handles-0-300x300This is a smaller pan for someone who cooks for themselves or making small portions of food. If you live alone like myself a smaller pan does come in handy such as making a hot sandwich, sauteing small portions or even frying a single piece of meat.
This pan has a copper exterior that conducts heat twice as efficent as aluminum and 10 times better than stainless steel, with a thin layer of nonreactive stainless steel for the interior cooking surface. The copper makes up 90% of the sandwiched material of the pan and is completed with stunning bronze handles which make a nice table presentation. Mauviel Cookware also has a number of larger round pans for serving more people and making dishes such as paella or even doing a DiGiono Pizzas

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Mac Knife Japanese Series Fish Slicer 10 1/4″

No Comments 21 Sep 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Mac Knife

mac-knife-japanese-series-fish-slicer-10-14-inch-0-300x193This is a right handy knife for the left-handed Sushi Chef. This is a single beveled blade made primarily for slicing raw fish into fine thin pieces and works well with ham, poultry and beef.
The blade is made from an alloyed stainless steel that has been sub-zero tempered complete with a Pakkawood handle. I have this style of knife, the Japanese call it Yanagi and with its long blade it is ideal if you do your slicing by pulling the blade through the meat rather than pushing, doesn’t hurt anything either way but pulling will be a more accurate cut for something like lox. This is only a small sampling of Mac Knives which has a kitchen knife made for any cutting job in the kitchen sold by the piece set or collection.

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Le Creuset 12 Ounce Enameled Cast-Iron Cleaner

No Comments 20 Sep 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:LeCruset Cookware

le-creuset-12-ounce-enameled-cast-iron-cleaner-0-169x300Here’s a little helper for the kitchen to keep your Le Crueset cookware looking new. Growing up it seemed if you wanted to get any type of cookware clean you put a steel wool soap pad to it and scrubbed until your knuckles bled, not only did it ruin you cookware and hands it still left the cookware dull with swirls in it, no more.
This cleaner is meant specifically for Le Crueset and all enameled cast iron cookware with natural ingredients that are completely biodegradable. Apply and it cleans quickly and easily removing most stains while a polishing agent preserves the finish of each piece. Rinse with water and wipe clean to keep your Le Crueset Cookware in like new condition adorning your kitchen, you also should check out other specific cleaners for the different types of cookware, they are definitely worth it for retaining its luster and life..

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Consigli Large 8 1/2″ Olive Wood Handle Kitchen (Chef’s) Knife)

No Comments 18 Sep 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Kitchen Knives

consigli-large-8-23-inch-blade-olive-wood-handle-kitchen-knife-0-300x194Consigli has been producing high quality knives using the same forging techniques by master bladesmiths’ in Scarperia, Italy since the 14th Century. Handmade, each knife goes through a 40 step traditional process in making each knife and they have decided to maintain that tradition because of the quality it delivers.
Made from a high grade stainless steel that is treated and artisan oil tempered for durability and flexibility. The handles are handcrafted from a precious Olive Wood for a sure and comfortable grip. These Kitchen Knives from Consigli are also offered in the same style but with different handles such as buffalo horn and don’t forget to check out their full line of knives featuring steak knives.

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