Global Kitchen Knives – Fine Japanese Cutlery

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Don’t let the beautiful design and chic image of the Global Japanese KnivesGlobal Chef fool you.  Light weight, thin blades, one piece stainless steel, these knives are incredibly sharp.

Made from Cromova 18 stainless steel then ice hardened to give you a razor sharp blade and will retain that edge.   Global is thought to be the instigators of the one piece  kitchen knife  construction meaning you have a well balanced knife.   Handles with  dimpled  for a safe,  sure grip.

Rust resistant and non  corrosive, but like all of your fine jewelery please hand wash and dry.



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Try A New Cooking Experience With Japaese Kitchen Knives

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Some of the sharpest, best designed and crafted knives in the world come from Japan.  With a  variety of size,  shapes and even single bevel  Japanese Kitchen KnivesJapanese Kitchen Knife are becoming very popular with professorial as well as home chefs.

Precision cuts on  fruits, vegetables,  and meats are no problem with all of these knives.  Most have a lighter weight than  most of our conventional knives made here in America as well   as Europe.  Most are hand or drop forged, razor sharp and will hold that edge to make sure the slicing  and cutting jobs are done with ease

If you are the type of cook who starts with everything fresh, even with meats or fish that need cutting or filleting you should have a look at what you have been missing in the kitchen.

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What Is “Full Tang” and “Rat Tail Tang”

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Al Mar AMUC8The name “Full Tang” is used on a kitchen knife means the entire knife is one piece and the handles are most likely riveted each side to the single piece.  These are the strongest of the tangs

.Most of the better steel knives are forged from a single piece of metal that extends the entire length of the knife.  The piece under the handle is the tang.  As well as providing strength,  full tangs  are better balanced making them easier to use like the Al Mar AMUC8  Ultimate Chef’s 8″ Chef’sKnife

In a rat tail tang, the tang decreases in size as it goes through the handle and ususally  a  threaded pommel secures the blade to the handle.  These pommels are wieghted as to give the knife balance.

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Victorinox VN7720310 Preium Forged 4″ Paring Knife

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Hot dropped,  hand forged and ice tempered are just part of the process for Victorinox’s  high carbon premium forged knives.  Perfectly weighted and balanced with a non stain, stainless steel blade that is razor sharp and will hold it edge.

The Victorinox VN 7720310 Preium Forged Series Paring KnifeVN7720310-Paring Knife with a 4′ blade is made with a full tang triple riveted, Poly Oxy Methylene handle that is contoured for a comfortable grip and will not crack or part from it’s blade.  The blade is also bolsterless which means you will use the entiree blade for cutting.

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AL Mar Ultra Chef 9 1/2″ Guyto With Stainless Steel Handle

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The Al Mar Ultra Chef Series of knives are not only one of the best performing pieces of Damascus steel kitchen cutlery, but it is very pleasing to the eye. with it’s ergonomic styling.  The handles are a one piece hollow stainless steel with finger grooves for a controlled grip.

The AL Mar AMSC9 Ultra Chef 9 1/2″ GyutoAMSC9-574x574 has  has 33 layers of  stainless steel layered around a VG-10 stainless blade.   With the handle being hollow the knife is in perfect balance.  This knife is hand sharpened to an incredible edge and will hold that edge longer than most of the conventional stainless steel kitchen knives.




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Vicotrinox VN7724318 Drop Forged 7 Piece Block Set

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The Drop forge process consists of heating a piece of metal you are working with  then drop a heavy hammer  with a die on it’s face on to the piece of metal you are working with.  This heavy hammer is  going to give that piece of metal it’s unique shape.

Forging the metal will make it less flexible, but in turn make it stronger and keep it’s edge much longer.  The Victorinox VN7724318 Seven Piece Block SetVN7724318-set-574x565 is forged and includes:  8″ Chefs Knife, 5″ serrated tomato/ utility  knife, 3″paring knife, 3″ shaping knife, Kitchen Shears,  Honing steel and a wooden storage block/


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Japanese Damascus Steel Blade Kitchen Knives

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Damascus  steel was used in the Mid Eastern sword making business  and it appeared India had developed a steel around 300BC.  With this steel other typess of metal were added or banded to the steel for strength.

A good deal  of  Japanese knives are made with this process.  Adding strips of iron, steel or other metals and  hammer fusing   while repeatedly heating and forging.   This give the knife blade an appearance that it has waves or bands and the blades are some of the  strongest as well as the sharpest in the world, such as Kanetsune Seki KT101 Gtyti KnifeKT101-574x574.


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Kanetsune Seki KT025 Sujihiki Slicking Knife

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If you are looking for the ultimate in a slicing knife the Kanetsune Seki Traditional Damacus Series SujihikiKanetsune KT025 Knife is what the doctor ordered.  This style of knife is ideal for Sushi and Sashimi.

With a long, narrow blade it is easier for cutting thn slices or fileting.  The blade is dimpled so when you are pulling the blade through the meat it will allow air pockets.   With these small pockets  little or no sticking to the blade occurs and  you can get larger, thinner cuts from delicate fish or meats.


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Kanetsune Seki KT026 Nakiri Vegetable Chopper

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.This is a different kind of vegetable knife,  some call it the vegetable clever.    It has the style of a western cleaver but the blade is much thinner, not quite as broad and is much lighter.

The Kanetsune Seki  KT026 Traditional Damacus Series Nakiri KnifeKanetsune KT026 is used for chopping vegetables.and fruites.  Unlike a traditional western chefs  knife where you chop your food with a rocking motion because the blade has a small arc, the Nakiri is used in an up/down chopping motion with its straight blade for a precise cut.  Use the broad blade against your knuckles as a guide.  The tips are blunt for safety purposes.

Because the blades are thinner and lighter, it is not recommended for cutting through bones or frozen foods.r

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Victorinox VN7724317 Seventeen Piece Block Set

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If you are looking for a top of the line Kitchen Cutlery Set, look no further.   The Victorinox 7724317  Seventeen Piece Knife Block SetVictorinox VN7724317 17 Piece has all the knives to handle any cutting job in the kitchen.

This premium forged knife collection features hot dropped fully forged blades, full tang and have non  bolstered edge  so you are using  all of  the blade.  Handles are a unique rounded black POM.  The set includes:  9″ serrated Bread Knife,  8″ Chefs Knife, 8″ Slicing Knife, 7″ Granton Edge Santoku,  6″ Boning, 3 1/2″ Paring, Kitchen Shears, 9″ Honing Steel, Eight 4 1/2″ Steak Knives, and a bamboo storage block  that has an additional slot.

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