Wusthof Ikon 5″ Boning Knife

No Comments 30 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Butchering/Filleting Knives

If you have a smoker or just like to grill the boning knife should be one of your go to knives.  If you are doing a Boston butt or babyback  ribs this knife is not just used for getting close cuts to the bone but also does a good job filleting.

Make  a close trim of fat off the Boston butt or fillet the silver from the ribs before you put either on for cooking.  This Wustof Ikon has a 5″ high carbon precision forged stainless steel blade finished off with a triple riveted African Grenadill handle, a very comfortable fit with a blade that can retain it’s edge longer than most.  Check this boning knifeBoner along with other fine butchering knives when you visit our site.



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Ruffoni Copper and Stainless Cookware

No Comments 28 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Ruffoni Cookware

From a small town in the Italian Alps is the Ruffoni  Coppersmith family makers of some of the finest cookware in the world for over 50 years.    Now the family has added multi layered stainless steel cookware to its lineup.

Ruffoni CopperThe copper pans have a tin lined nonreactive lining for a cooking surface that is very heat responsive, meaning it gets hot very quickly but also can react to a cooling of cooking temperature just by lifting the pan from the heat to prevent burning.  The stainless steel is layered between stainless and aluminum throughout the pan and up the sides for an even and easily controlled heat, both the copper and stainless have a handhammer exterior and hand handling of the entire process.  Check out the sets and single pieces of both the copper and stainless steel Ruffoni cookware along with our other fine cookware lineup.

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Global Heavyweight Boning Knife

No Comments 25 Jul 6:31 am Author: Randy Category:Butchering/Filleting Knives

I have heard people say they have a nice filleting knife so why would I need a boning knife as well?  The blades are similar looking but the main difference is in the rigidity of the boning knife when you are cutting as close as possible to the bone and it is beef or pork you really don’t want that blade to be flexible.

Global-GF-31-The Global GF-31 has a blade made from a high-grade molybdenum and vanadium stainless steel, which means it has a very sharp edge and it will also retain that edge longer than most traditional kitchen knives.  Seamless stainless steel handle for precise balance and easy cleaning to remove any bacteria.  Take a look at this Global boning knife and check out all of the other necessary butchering knives while you are there.


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An Extraordinary Chef’s Knife From Boker

No Comments 23 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Boker Knives

The first time I saw this Chef’s Knife I thought it should be framed and hanging for disply in someone’s kitchen, it is that beautiful.  With over 150 working steps by hand in Solingen, Germany, “The Superior”.

This new blade is made from a four band Torsion Damascus and a separtely forged Damascus cutting edge.  Thje four sided Damascus band is twisted fifteen times within itself that creates an amazing pattern  of it’s 300 layers, this  is a process from the Middle Ages used on swords for performance. Finished off with a wooden handle of Grenadill  from Africa to give it almost perfect balance. Check out this knife and other single Japanese and Western style kitchen knives as well as Boker knife setsCHEF-KNIFE-DAMASCUS-8-58-0-300x300 for the ultimate kitchen experience.


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All Clade American Made Cooking Tradition

No Comments 21 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:All Clad Cookware

I hope you have noticed I have branced out a little and have added upscale cookware in to my website.  One line is All Clade made here in the United Staters, Pennsylvania to be specific.

All Clad has several versions all an even heating, meaning the sides are the same tempeture as the pans bottom, you can cook with a lower heat for  a shorter period of time with little bother as far as stirring and mixing,  worring if things are going to burn.  Polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and copper finishes as well as induction cooking compatable to name a few of their items.  Take a look at the All Clad CookwareAll-Clad-BD005710-R-D5-Brushed-Stainless-Steel-5-Ply-Bonded-Dishwasher-Safe-Cookware-Set-10-Piece-Silver-0-300x235 lineup and try one for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Al Mar All Stainless Ultra Chef Gyuto ALAM SC9

No Comments 20 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Al Mar

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen knife collection and would like to try a Gyuto, the Japanese version of the western chef’s knife, take a look at this.  They Gyuto’s main difference is the blade edge is straight compared to the western chef’s knife arc, where you can get the rocking motion while you cut.

This Gyuto features a 9 1/2″ Damascus Steel blade made with a core VG-10 Colbalt stainless steel for the cutting edge that is wrapped in 16 layers of stainless steel each side for strength.  Seamless stainless steel handle that makes this knife in perfect balance while being lightweight.  Check out the complete line of Al Mar KnivesAl-Mar-All-Stainless-Ultra-Chef-Gyuto-Knife-Damascus-Blade-95-in-ALAM-SC9-0-300x300 for your kitchen cutlery upgreades.


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Demeyere Even Heat Stainles Steel Cookware

No Comments 18 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Demeyere Cookware

I am branching out a little and adding some great cookware.  I will write about Demeyere Cookware of Belgium who has been making cookware since 1908 that is not only a pleasure to cook with but an adorment to any kitchen.

This is an even heating stainless steeltype of cookware, each pan is developed specifically for the style of cooking it represents, i.e saute, frying, or saucepan.  These pans are all muti layered to insure you are not just cooking from a heating slab on the bottom of the pan, these pans are quiet the equipment desired in any kitchen if you like to cook.  Check out the full line of sets and pieces or Demeyere CookwareDemeyere-Proline-5-Star-94-Inch-Fry-Pan-0-300x275 and keep in mind they perform well on any flattop or gas range.

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Riedel Fine Wine And Spirit Glassware

No Comments 17 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Riedel Glassware

For over 250 years the Reidel family has been making glassware products from  ornate vas, etched glassware to glass buttons.  In more modern times they have focused on wine and spirit glasses that we are using today.

The family has a motto that the glasses should not be just a nice looking glass but it should serve a specific purpose with the shape and depth of each glass being made for a specific grade of wine and spirits.  Even now they have introduced the stemless line of wine glasses  for each specificity with great acceptance.  Please check out all of the Riedel wine glassesRiedel-Ouverture-Red-Wine-Glasses-Set-of-2-0-297x300 as well as spirits glasses that are being made in Austria as well as here in the United States.

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Consigli Knives From The Tuscan Region Of Italy

No Comments 16 Jul 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:kitchen knife set, Kitchen Knives

From Northern Italy comes  Consigli Knives, featuring a wide array of kitchen cutlery and steak knives.  These hand finished knives all feature unique handles made from Buffalo, Bovin and Olive Wood to name a few.

The 8 2/2″ blade kichen knife (same or like our Chef’s knife) features it’s blade made from a forged high grade stainless steel.  All of Consigli’ handles are made from all natural material including this kitchen knifeConsigli Kitchen knife which is made from a hand finished \ Buffalo horn.  Take a look at their entire line including steak knives that are not only a high grade cutting machine but also anadornment to any table setting.


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Steak Knife Seaon Is Here

No Comments 1 Jun 5:00 am Author: Randy Category:Steak Knives

About a week ago I wrote about breaking out the grill as well as steak knives to cut up what is coming off of that grill, but what kind of steak knife do you use?  There are basically 3 edges to a steak knife, a straight edge, microserrated edge and a serrated edge (a serrated edge will usually stay sharper longer).

A couple of major factors for your steak knife are, they should look good at a table setting, have a good feel about them when using and most important use them at the dinnertable not cutting up cardboard or desteming your flowers.  Probably the most popular is the serrated blade because it can easily do most cutting jobs  especially steaks and chops, you want that blade to glide through the meat without sliding it around you plate and onto the table.  The Victorinox 6 piece Steak KnifeVN46799 Victorinox 6 Piece Steak Knife Set Set feature a microserrated blade with black POM handles for a sure and comfortable grip, check these and other steak knives from J A Heckels,Wusthof and other makers of quality kitchen cutlery.

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