Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Grey Sky Old Fashioned (6)

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Schott-Zwiesel-Tritan-Crystal-Glass-Distil-Barware-Collection-Grey-Skye-Old-Fashioned-Glasses-Set-of-6-135-oz-Clear-0-300x300A nice gift for the person who has a bar in their man cave from Schott Zwiesel just in time for the Belmont Races and great for when the NFL season starts. Six Distil Collection cut glass design inspired by Scotland’s heritage of a snowy forest or cut ice.
These German crystal glasses are made from titanium and  zirconium oxide meaning they are lead free and can stand up to chipping, scratching and breaking better than conventional crystal glasses. Each glass has a 13 1/2 ounce capacity, 3.7″ tall and 3 1/2″ wide, enough to pour a large one and have a seat, plus you don’t have to worry as much if you happen to drop the glass, there is a chance of it remaining intact. This is just one of many different styles and shapes of barware glasses includes the Schott Zwiesel Beer Glasses and wine glass series, all the glasses needed for any type of entertaining.


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Ruffoni Symphonia Cupra 4 – Quart Coverfed Braiser

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Ruffoni-Symphonia-Cupra-4-Quart-Covered-Braiser-Copper-by-Ruffoni-0-300x252This would be the ultimate gift for the friend who is a professional chef. From Italy the Symphonia Cupra series tri-ply hand hammered 4 quart slow cooking vessel.
Hand hammered cooper exterior with a stainless steel cooking surface, for easy cleaning, that has an aluminum core that combined with the copper exterior makes for incredible heat distribution throughout the pan. Stainless steel lid and handles that have a copper signet, great for slow cooking and is compatible with gas, electric and ceramic stovetops and in oven up to 450 degrees, copper is not compatible with the induction stovetops. This Ruffoni Cookware Symphonia Cupra Braiser is just one in that pattern, make sure you also check out their other series in both copper and stainless steel.

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Riedel Vitis Martini Glass Set of 2

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Riedel-Vitis-Martini-Glass-Set-of-2-0-281x300Something to use before the final Triple Crown Race at Belmont have a martini and if you wind up losing in all three races, a great drinking vessel that holds 9 3/8 ounces to ease the pain. From Riedel of Germany extreme series this is the tallest stemmed martini glass they have to offer.
Made from leaded crystal for giving the glass a brilliant light reflection this glass features a hand pulled seamless stem. These diamond shaped glasses are 7 5/8″ inches tall with a diameter of 4 1/2″ and can be used for other favorite cocktails as well.These martinin glasses are just a small part of Riedel Wine Glasses, each grape has its own glass to enhance its particular taste and aroma all in the traditional stemmed as well as the rounded stemless.

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Noritake Rothschild 5 – Piece Place Setting

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Noritake-Rothschild-5-Piece-Place-Setting-0-300x300Here’s something nice for a wedding gift or housewarming for someone who is moving into their first household. This Rothschild collection is made in the tradition similar of heirloom patterns.
This china is made with a pink and green flora cluster amid ivory baroque shapes with tailored pastel blue outer bands then finished with polished platinum rims. This collection Includes: Dinner Plate, Salad/Dessert Plate, Bread and Butter Plate, Teacup with Saucer. If the Rothschild pattern of Noritake China isn’t your cup of tea make sure you check out the array of patterns in stoneware, china and bone china, everything from casual to formal dining..

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Messermeister Meridan Elite 4- Piece Steak Knife Set

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Meridian-Elite-Serrated-Steak-Set-in-Wood-Box-ME3683-4WB-Category-Meridian-Elite-Knife-0-300x300Looking for that last minute wedding gift and still hitting the wall on ideas, take a look at this. Steak Knives from Messermeister complete with wooden gift box, every home has a set of steak knives and these are some of the finest you can get your hands on.
Forged in Solingen, German from a single piece of high carbon molybdenum vanadium tool steel that is hand polished and finished with an “elite” edge. Triple riveted POM handles for the bolsterless  serrated blade  for a longer edge. If this set of steak knives are not appropriate for the couple take a look at the entire line of Messermeister Kitchen Knives, there is a knife for all types and styles of cooking.

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Mauviel M’ Cook Rectangular Roasting Pan And Rack

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Mauviel-MCook-5-Ply-Stainless-Steel-521715-157-by-118-Inch-Rectangular-Roasting-Pan-and-Rack-with-Cast-Stainless-Steel-Handles-0-300x300Here’s a nice Father’s Day gift for the person that loves smoking or grilling in the warm weather and living in the kitchen when the weather gets cold. From Mauviel of France a roasting pan with rack with high sides to hold the meat inside the pan which can be used in the oven or smoker up to 680 degrees.
Made of a 5 ply construction with an interior surface of magnetic stainless steel with layered aluminum and aluminum alloyed core and magnetic stainless steel exterior, very fast and even heating. Cast stainless steel handles for easy handling and the pan is compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction, so cook your meat then lift out with the rack, put the pan on the stove top and make your gravy the easy way. This Mauviel Cookware roasting pan is 11.8″ X 15.7″ and like all of the M’ Cook series you can pour from any shape of their pouring rim and not worry about the drip.

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Mac Hollow Ground 7″ Santoku Kitchen Knife

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Mac-Y310-Hollow-Ground-7-Santoku-Knife-0-300x300Here’s a really good knife git for a vegetarian or vegan friend from Mac Knife. This hollow ground Santoku is great for chopping slicing and mincing vegetables and with the indention or scalloped blade you can work a little faster without food sticking to it as well as drag/friction reduction that’s easy on the wrist.
I personally have kept away from this style of knife because I had convinced myself you could not make a thin slice with that kind of blade, however I just got back from a beach rental that had this knife and I was amazed that I could actually slice a tomato so thin I had to go back for second cuts to put on a sandwich. This Mac Santoku features a high carbon stainless steel blade for sharpness and durability that has a Rockwell hardness rating of 60. Complete with a forged bolster for strength and balance with a triple riveted wooden handle. This Santoku is just a small part of the Mac Knife family check out their featured knives for your type of kitchen task.

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Le Creuset 7- Piece Stainless and Enamel Cast Iron Cookware Set

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Le-Creuset-SS14SS7-2-7-Piece-Stainless-Steel-and-Enameled-Cast-Iron-Cookware-Set-Flame-0-300x300Alice wedding gift for the couple who loves to spend time in the kitchen. This set of cookware from Le Creuset covers just about any cooking task you can think of plus they are compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction cooktops
Featured is a 4 1/2 quart enamel coated cast iron French Oven that resists chipping and cracking that provides an even heat distribution throughout the pan and with its self sealing lid locks in the moisture. Also included 10 ” Fry Pan, 3 Quart Saucepan and 7 Quart Stock Pot that are tri-ply construction stainless steel that features titanium alloyed exterior and interior wrapped around an aluminum core for even heating with larger size handles for an easy grip even if you have on oven mitts. All of these Le Creuset Cookware pieces feature the precision pouring rims for no drip pouring directly from the pans.

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Henckels by Bob Kramer Euroline 3 1/2″ Paring Knife

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Zwilling-JA-Henckel-EuroLine-by-Bob-Kramer-35-Paring-Knife-0-300x275This would make a nice gift for a friend who is a professional chef or someone who lives in their home kitchen. Bob Kramer Paring knife is probably one of the best quality and functional available today.
The only certified Master Bladesmith who specializes in kitchen knives uses an extremely fine grain of 52100 high carbon steel that gives it an incredibly sharp blade. Completed with a brass bolster for strength and balance and African Blackwood handles. This is just one of a series of Bob Kramer Knives he designed for J A Henckles in pieces, sets and block collections, to just see them you know you have laid your eyes on some of the most quality knives being made.

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Barbeques Are Easy With My Henckels Knife

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barbeque grillingSummer is my favorite time of the year. Every time I think of summer I think of paddle boarding, being out on the beach, playing sand volleyball, going windsurfing and kayaking, spending time outside in the fresh air and, of course, great summer barbeques. I love the taste of barbequed food and it’s not often that I get to enjoy it.

Having good barbeque food is easy if you have the supplies and the right skills. I have some awesome barbeque tools that allow me to cook my meals with ease and efficiency. I like to prepare lots of tasty staples for each barbeque meal that I have with friends and family. One of those staples is a nice big salad filled with lots of colorful vegetables. Another one is cooking some large slabs of meat that we then cut up into little pieces.

I can prepare all of the barbeque food with ease with my awesome tools like my Henckels knife. This knife is great for being able to chop up and cut up whatever I need with ease. I can dice and slice all of the great barbeque food that we will enjoy with the knife. From chopping salads to cutting meat, this knife delivers for great-tasting barbeque food.

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