Ken Onion Rain Series 8 – Piece Knife Block Set

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Ken-Onion-by-Chef-Works-Rain-Series-8-Piece-Knife-Block-Set-MK-Exclusive-0-300x300Ken Onion is quite possibly one of the world’s best knife designer and this series of knives are made here in America including materials needed to construct these knives. This 8 piece set is the ideal set-up for someone starting to build their own collection, all of the most important styles are included to cover most of your kitchen tasks.
The blades are made from a high carbon stainless steel that has a rain drop pattern that creates small air pockets that help prevent friction and food sticking, handles are made from a military grade composition with a resistance to heat and moisture. This set includes: 4″ Detail Paring Knife, 6″ Chef’s Knife, 6″ Utility Knife, 8″ Chef’s Knife, 9″ Bread Knife, Poultry Shears, Sharpening Steel and Counter Top Storage Block. This is only one of many Ken Onion Knives block sets, you can find his name on Shun and Stratus Knives as well.

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Al Mar 9 1/2″ All Stainless Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife

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Al-Mar-All-Stainless-Ultra-Chef-Gyuto-Knife-Damascus-Blade-95-in-ALAM-SC9-0-300x300Al Mar was one of the first Asian’s from the United States to go into the Special Forces, taking from his experience he created some of the highest quality kitchen knives available today. Made in Japan these are some of the most sought after knives for handling any task a home kitchen has to face.
The blade features a VG-10 cobalt stainless steel core that is wrapped in 32 layers of Damascus Steel for strength, hardness and durability yet remaining lightweight and very sharp with blade retention. Hollow stainless steel ergonomic handle that gives the knife perfect balance. This Al Mar Gyuto is just one of a number of Japanese Chef’s Knives as well as an array of different styles of kitchen knives that are sold individually.

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Ruffoni Symphonia Prima 1 1/2 Quart Covered Casserole – Stinless Steel

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Ruffoni-Symphonia-Prima-1-12-Quart-Covered-Casserole-Stainless-Steel-0-300x278From the Premier Copper cookware maker Ruffoni of Italy, a collection of stainless steel cooking vessels made with the same passion for craftsmanship. Contemporary design that is blended with the time-honored artistry of hand hammering.
Made with a thick aluminum core between two layers of mirrored polished stainless steel for exceptional even heating throughout the pan and up its sides as well. Cast stainless steel handles with stamped copper signers as well on the pan complete with mirror finished lid, comparable with all cooktops including induction and is oven safe up to 450 degrees. This  Ruffoni Stainless Steel Induction Cookware is a complement to any kitchen decor or use as a beautiful serving dish.


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Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Cookware

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Bar-Keepers-Friend-Cleanser-Polish-12-OZ-0-257x300Over the years I have had friends and customers bring me their cookware in a last-ditch effort to see if I could get them looking somewhat usable or they would toss them.  It is truly amazing how easy your stainless steel pots and pans clean up without spending a great deal of time or effort in the process.

First thing you do is toss all of your steel wool pads and steel scrubbing pads in the trash, they are very abrasive and can harm the surface, however the majority of cookware makers have their own cleaning solutions or powders for cleaning and yes, they do work, just use them as directed.  My personal favorite is Bar Keepers Friend, just shake a little into a pan get your Scotch Pad (the kind with a nylon scrubbing surface on one side and sponge on the other} get it wet and make a paste inside the pan and scrub in circles until you have done the interior and do the same to the exterior if you want it new looking as well. I have made copper bottom pans over 30 years old look new in one cleaning and I have had my Health Craft Cookware collection for  20 years and they are as beautiful as the day I bought them, buy a can it is quite economically priced you will be glad you did.

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Global Ikasu 7 – Piece Knife Block Set

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Global-Ikasu-Knife-Block-Set-7-Piece-0-300x300Something for a nice wedding gift or a housewarming present for someone’s first household. A 7 piece knife block set that covers virtually any kitchen cutting task with the proper knife.
Each knife is handmade by skilled bladesmiths that has the high quality CHROMVA 18 stainless steel that is ice tempered for strength and durability then completed with Global’s signature seamless stainless steel handles with dimples for a sure, comfortable, nonslip grip. This collection includes: 3 5/32″ Paring Knife, 4 1/3″ Utility Knife, 5.1″ Cook’s Knife, 5 1/2″ Vegetable Knife, 7.8″ Cook’s Knife, 8 2/3″ Bread Knife and an Ikasu Bamboo Storage Block. This block set is only one of many Global Knives sets, pieces and collections make sure you check them all, there is a knife to fill anyone’s need in the kitchen.

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Lamson Sharp 6″ Forged Fillet /Boning Knife

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LamsonSharp-6-Inch-Forged-FilletBoning-Knife-0-300x62From one of the oldest knife makers in the USA, 1837 in Massachusetts, some of the finest forged kitchen knives have been made by generations of knife making experience. These are truly a high performance kitchen knives that can be used professionally or in the home kitchen.
This Rosewood forged cutlery series are a one piece forged German high carbon stainless steel that is ice tempered for strength and durability. Triple brass riveted Rosewood handles for the full tang blade that are naturally hard, heavy for perfect balance. This Filleting Knife is just a small part of the Lamson Sharp kitchen knives which you can purchase by the piece, set or collection and don’t forget that any Lamson Sharp Kitchen Knife has a lifetime free sharpening warranty

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Fallkniven Blue Whale Chef’s Knife

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Fallkniven-Blue-Whale-0-300x74The Fallkniven Kitchen Knives are some of my favorite, made in Sweden, but you don’t hear a lot about them as you do other popular name brands so I will try to fill you in. This is a family run manufacturer and have made such an effort to produce what they consider the best knives made that they are Purveyor to His Majesty the King of Sweden.
The Blue Whale Chef’s Knife has a core of VG-10 which is a high alloy molybdenum, cobalt Super Gold Powder Steel then laminated in 420J2, a low-carbon high chromium alloy steel for strength and noncorrosion properties. The knives are quality tested at Lulea University of Technology to assure knife quality. I was totally pleased with my Fallkniven Knives Blue Whale when I took it out of its packing and the tip barely touched my countertop (not Granite) and nicked it, I only let it drop a couple of inches, yes these knives do live up to what they say.


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demeyere Proline 5 Star 12.6″ Fry Pan

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Demeyere-Proline-5-Star-11-Frying-Pan-0-300x275From Heretals, Belgium a fry pan that can take care of your frying tasks plus a little more. This is a 7 ply pan that will allow you to fry with or without fatss or oils with certain foods, making your meals a little more healthy.
Made with 7 plys that feature an aluminum and aluminum alloy core for even and quick heating throughout the pan with stainless steel incorporated in the rest of the pan including the cooking surface that is treated with Silvinox that makes the surface  easier to clean, more resistant to harsh detergents, stains and discoloring. Stay cool handles plus this pan is compatible with all cooking surfaces including magnetic induction, and in the oven.This Demeyere Cookware fry pan is great for omelets, meats, a take home pizza fits nicely, and sauteing vegetables to name a few and don’t forget to check out their entire line for any kind of cooking task in the kitchen sold by the piece and collections.

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Chroma Z04 7 3/4″ Chef’s Knife

No Comments 28 Apr 2:00 pm Author: Randy Category:Chroma Knives

Chroma-Z04-7-34-Inch-Chef-Knife-32-Layers-Damascus-Stainless-Steel-VG14-Core-0-300x102A nice gift for someone graduating a culinary school designed by Porsche Studio in Austria, the car people. This Chef’s knife is part of Chroma’s Zen-Satin Damascus Blade where the Japanese ancient art of smiting is combined with the newer Western technology to bring one of the most versatile knives in the kitchen.
Made with a VG-14 high carbon stainless steel core then wrapped in 32 layers of Damascus stainless steel to create an incredibly sharp knife blade. Soft grip Santoprene handles that is very comfortable and non slip then is finished off with a 18/10 stainless steel end cap. This Z04 Chef’s Chroma Knife is just one series of many that feature Porsche Studio design and can be purchased by the piece set or collection.

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Yoshihiro Hagane Yo Gyuto Gyousen Japanese Chef’s Knife

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Yoshihiro-Hagane-High-Carbon-Steel-Yo-Gyuto-Gyousen-Japanese-Chefs-Knife-118-Inch-300mm-0-300x300Looking for a really good chef’s knife for the person in culinary school, take a look at this. This Gyuto has a western style of blade with the small arc for rocking chopping plus it has extended tip for quick chopping meats and vegetables.
Handcrafted from Shiroko White Steel #2 a Virgin high carbon stainless steel ( it’s called Virgin because of the very few impurities) for durability and ease of sharpening with a Rockwell rating of 61. Wester Style Pakkawood handles for a comfortable fit complete with a Saya blade cover. This Yoshihiro Gyuto Gyousen Chef’s Knife is usually meant for exclusive use by the head chef and is NSF approved for commercial use, but it is now available for the chef at home.

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